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RIKEN develops blueprint for ISS-docked laser cannon to blast away space debris


A proposal developed by RIKEN combines a telescope and a high-efficiency laser system to track and remove space debris from orbit.

GE handheld sensor analyzes pressure sores during hospitalization


GE researchers have combined an array of sensing and analytical capabilities towards monitoring pressure ulcers.

SWIFTS optically integrated spectrometer measures earth tides and earthquakes near and far


The stationary-wave integrated Fourier-transform spectrometer measures Earth's deformations to one part per billion.

Breath test that contains silicon microsensors can detect cancer


An international collaboration worked to develop a portable device that can detect the presence of head and neck cancer in breath.

DFB laser module designed to test subtleties of General Relativity


Initial tests have been carried out in zero gravity aboard the FOKUS research rocket.

Super-resolution microscopy unravels inner structure of herpes simplex virus


A team of researchers has developed a technique that allows super-resolution microscopy to be used as a structural tool for the study of viruses.

Secondary sources beamlines contracts signed for ELI-ALPS facility


Representatives from several partners signed the project opening documents for ELI-ALPS secondary beamlines.

Electron-trapping defects bad for solar cells can be good for photodetectors


Lead-cation electron traps increase sensitivity of perovskite detectors.

Light-capturing nanowires reduce carbon dioxide into useful chemicals and fuels


LBL and UC Berkeley scientists are using semiconducting nanowires and bacteria to mimic photosynthesis.

Video camera is powered by its own photovoltaic pixels (see video)


A well-lit indoor scene (300 lux) provides an estimated 0.77 mW of harvested power.

L-3 Brashear supplies high-energy laser beam director for Canadian defense applications


A High-Energy Laser (HEL) Beam Director (BD) from L-3 Brashear has been delivered to DRDC.

Solution-grown perovskite nanowires make highly efficient lasers


Growing perovskite nanowires is a shortcut to lasers that are extremely efficient and able to create many colors of light.

OCT aids in high-res imaging of acne lesion development, scarring


A high-resolution imaging technique that incorporates optical coherence tomography (OCT) can study acne development in human skin.

Atom-coupled optical fiber slows light to 180 km per hour


A team of scientists at the Vienna University of Technology has demonstrated that light can be slowed down in an optical fiber.

Light-driven ion pump may provide blueprint for optogenetics


KR2, a light-driven transporter for sodium ions, can be integrated into neurons as a valuable tool for optogenetics.

Newly developed fluorescent probes detect lysosomal pH


A new set of fluorescent probes can detect problems with lysosomes, which are known as the garbage disposals of animal cells.

Silicon nanoparticles and cells can now be printed with lasers


Laser Zentrum Hannover researchers are printing biological cells and silicon nanoparticles using lasers.

Research program aims to develop next generation of optogenetics tools


A new priority program has the goal of developing the next generation of optogenetics tools and expanding their application.

Does photonics matter to your state?


Knowledge is power. What could you do if you knew all of the photonics companies in your state?

Photonics awareness


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