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Canadian government provides more than $20M funding for photonics-based projects


Canadian government funding of $26.8 million Canadian dollars has been set aside to development clean technologies in Ontario, Canada.

Business Forum: Best practices from Switzerland— Photonics and otherwise


This month I interview the husband–wife team of Professor Ursula Keller and Dr. Kurt Weingarten.

Spatial light modulator business of CRi acquired by Meadowlark Optics


Meadowlark Optics has acquired the spatial light modulator (SLM) line of products from Cambridge Research & Instrumentation, part of PerkinElmer Life Sciences. 


Higher-order fiber modes increase optical force for particle trapping


OIST Graduate University researchers have demonstrated a more robust method for controlling single, micron-sized particles with light.

ZnSe optics from Laser Research Optics are optimized at 1064 nm for medical Nd:YAG laser apps


A full line of laser-grade zinc selenide optics includes plano-convex and plane-parallel discs, output couplers, and mirrors, all optimized at 1064 nm for medical Nd:YAG laser OEMs.

Fiber-optic sensors are monitored 253 km away without amplification


Such sensors are useful for monitoring concrete and asphalt, as well as oil pipelines.

MWIR bandpass filters from Iridian are used in single- and multiwavelength detection systems for PAS


The company’s narrow, mid-wave infrared (MWIR) gas bandpass filters (BPFs) optimize detection of narrow spectral emission lines and are deposited using energetic sputtering processes.

FEI names winner of its award that honors neuroscience excellence


FEI Munich awarded its 2015 FEI Technology Award to Benjamin Judkewitz for his pioneering optical microscopy work in neuroscience.

Onefive femtosecond laser enables record-low-noise frequency comb


Using the Onefivefemtosecond laser Origami - 10, CSEM achieved a record-low relative intensity noise frequency comb.

Full-body scanner could ease early detection of skin cancer


A team of researchers has developed a full-body scanner device that could bring early detection of skin cancer a major step forward.

Blue light-activated gene therapy could treat erectile dysfunction


A potential clinical treatment for erectile dysfunction involves a gene construct that, when activated by blue light, triggers reliable erections.

Spectroscopic studies on ITER fusion reactor walls use Andor ICCD camera


The laser-induced-breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) analyses will help ITER's maintenance in future.

Chameleon-like silicon skin changes color on demand


UC Berkeley engineers have created an ultra-thin film that can shift colors as easily as a chameleon's skin.

Computational microscopy approach can 'paint' tissue samples with light


Microscopy and computer analysis can give precise information about structures and molecules inside tissues and cells without using chemical stains or dyes.

Fluorescence microscopy shows when and where proteins are made (video)


An international team of scientists has developed a novel fluorescence microscopy technique that shows where and when proteins are produced.

LASER World of Photonics—don’t miss it


Every two years, Munich hosts an inspiring international trade fair and a technical conference that together draw over 1100 exhibitors and 25,000 researchers and professionals in lasers and optics.


Scientists demonstrate optogenetic stimulation of non-genetically modified neurons


A team of scientists has shown that optogenetics can be used to activate normal, non-genetically modified neurons.

Super-resolution microscopy visualizes the genome at the nanoscale


Using a super-resolution microscopy technique, a team of scientists has been able to visualize and count the smallest units that form the genome.

Optical radiation method seeks to treat cancer at the cellular level


With the goal of achieving early cancer detection, a team of scientists used an optical radiation method to address this at the cellular level.

High-quality perovskite photovoltaics can now be fabricated at room temperature


One version of the cells is semi-transparent with a 10.1% efficiency

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