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Compact endoscope with freeform optics makes colonoscopies more comfortable


Two solid lenses shift laterally with respect to each other to create a longitudinal focal shift.

Intracellular microlasers emit narrowband fluorescence to precisely label a trillion cells


Inducing structures incorporated within individual cells produce laser light, allowing precise labeling of individual cells.

Ultrafast quantum-dot emitter could be new communications/computing device


Duke researchers developed an ultrafast light-emitting plasmonic device that can flip on and off 90 billion times a second.

Microlasers allow unprecedented cell tracking ability, with big implications for biomedicine


In a biomedicine breakthrough, researchers tracked a number of white blood cells by feeding them microlasers.

Nanoscale optical emitter and absorber appears to be 10,000 times its actual size


All-dielectric nanoresonators could be useful as augmenters for photodetectors or as passive IR coolers.

New nanowires from Harvard absorb specific wavelengths of light


Harvard University scientists developed a new class of nanowires with applications in consumer electronics and solar panels.

More details disclosed on integrated photonics institute


New York will provide an additional $250 million to the IP-IMI and it will be headquartered near Rochester. 

Tweaked enzyme that produces light could improve medical diagnostics


Chemically tweaking the enzyme responsible for the light of fireflies could lead to a low-cost detection system for medical diagnostics.

The burgeoning usefulness of optical angular momentum


The Third International Conference on Optical Angular Momentum (ICOAM) covers both theory and applications.

X-ray laser maps key signaling protein, with potential for better drug development


An x-ray laser experiment has revealed details of the human body's cellular switchboard that regulates sensory and hormonal response.

New York-led consortium wins integrated photonics institute award


A consortium led by SUNY has been awarded a $110 million matching grant by the DOD to establish an Integrated Photonics Institute for Manufacturing Innovation.


First dry age-related macular-degeneration (AMD) patient receives the Argus II retinal implant


The implant allows 80-year-old patient to see the outlines of people again.

Implantable polymer fiber emits fluorescence to reveal how cells grow


Fiber from a semiconducting polymer can emit fluorescence, which makes it possible to follow the growth of cells inside living tissue.

Optogenetics studies the fly olfactory system to understand neural circuits


Optogenetics can explore how complex behaviors, such as chemotaxis, are controlled by the activity of neural circuits.

PG&O black glass panels reduce noise for LIGO


Precision Glass & Optics was chosen to manufacture and install four sets of 26 black glass optical panels for LIGO.

Microscopy, cytometry help make important discovery about tuberculosis


Confocal microscopy and flow cytometry helped to study latent tuberculosis and the bacteria's ability to hide in stem cells.

Optoelectronics Research Centre creates light-themed garden for 2015 International Year of Light


Garden will liken fiber-optic technology to some elements of nature.

Picarro CRDS detects "alarming" level of methane emissions from fossil fuel sites


Methane emissions from compressor stations and gas processing plants were 36,000-fold higher than EPA reports.

Ultrafast terahertz laser pulses provide quick way to probe potential organic solar-cell materials


NIST and NRL see picosecond-scale effects in organic materials from the terahertz pulses.

Blue LEDs effective for non-chemical food preservation


NUS scientists have demonstrated that blue LEDs have strong antibacterial effects on major foodborne pathogens.

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