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Diode driver from iC-Haus allows microcontroller-based driving of diodes

The iC-HTP two-channel laser diode driver allows microcontroller-based driving of diodes.

Laser Components SWIR detector covers the spectral range up to 2.1 μm

The IG22 line sensor is an extended InGaAs detector for shortwave infrared (SWIR) spectroscopy, with 256 pixels measuring 30 × 250 μm with a 50 μm pitch.

SICK laser scanner includes 48 adjustable fields

The TiM351 2D laser scanner for outdoor-rated detection applications uses time-of-flight measurement to detect the presence or absence of an object within a user-defined configuration field.

Fiber splicer from NYFORS Teknologi processes different types of fibers

The SmartSplicer glass processing and optical fiber splicing platform uses annular CO2 laser heating for flexible and contamination-free processing of fused fiber components.

LASOS Lasertechnik laser diodes available with choice of various jack and connector options

The LDM-XT series of laser diode modules are available in a free beam version or with a permanently aligned coupling into a single-mode, polarization-maintaining fiber.

Beam measurement tool from Cinogy Technologies measures laser systems from 320 to 1320 nm

CinSquare is a compact, automated tool to measure the beam quality of CW and pulsed laser systems from 320 to 1320 nm at up to 50 W input power.

Eulitha photolithography system prints high-resolution nanostructures

The PhableR 100 photolithography system is designed for printing high-resolution nanostructures for R&D applications and pilot and low-volume production use.

Laser Research Optics sapphire windows come in 1 and 2 in. sizes

Sapphire windows for 1064 nm industrial cutting fiber lasers from 4 kW and above are highly durable replacements for debris shields.

Anti-vibration table from TMC optimizes ergonomics for seated users

The CleanBench laboratory table includes the Gimbal Piston air vibration isolation system with a 2-in.-thick, laminated top construction for users who do not require a grid of tapped holes.

Princeton Optronics 940 nm VCSEL array has use in illumination applications

A line of 8 W, 940 nm VCSEL arrays for illumination applications have efficiency >45% and ~1 nm spectral width.

Raman spectrographs from BaySpec have customizable wavelength range

Raman spectrographs for OEMs can be optimized for any excitation wavelength, such as 532, 785, or 1064 nm.

ULT air purification system extracts and filters laser fume and dust

The LAS 160 extraction and filtration device for laser fume and dust offers low-noise operation.

Fiber laser for bioinstrumentation from Quantel Laser delivers up to 3 W of visible output

The ELBA fiber laser has utility in biomedical applications, including ophthalmology, gene sequencing, and high-resolution microscopy.

Hollow shaft rotary actuators from Intellidrives have a large-diameter hollow shaft

Hollow shaft rotary actuators in four stage sizes with center apertures from 33 to 100 mm offer optimized load capacity, torque, speed, and resolution.

Process Sensors one-color sensors are designed for measurements on metals and shiny materials

The Metis high-resolution 16 bit, one-color sensors have use in non-contact temperature measurement in the short wavelength spectral range.

3D mouse SpaceNavigator drives up to six attocube positioners

The SpaceNavigator mouse from 3Dconnexion allows for remote control of attocube’s piezo drives via a newly programmed software interface.

Short-pulse laser diode from FLIR Systems is based on VCSEL technology

The VPOWR high-power, short-pulse laser diode has electronics designed for applications such as lidar.

Mitutoyo 2D vision measuring system is available in 0.2X or 0.5X magnifications

Quick Image series 2D vision measuring systems are offered in 0.2X or 0.5X magnifications.

OptoTest integrating sphere optically tests fibers terminated with high-density connectors

The OP-SPHR Integrating Sphere optically tests fibers terminated with high-density connectors such as MXC, MTP/MPO, or bare fiber.

Sensofar 3D optical sensor system measures with resolution to 0.1 nm

The S mart 3D optical sensor system integrates into automated production systems.

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