Laser Focus World Products

Imaging photometer from Radiant Vision Systems has 2 Mpixels

The Y2 photometer uses TrueTest analysis software to measure brightness, gauge uniformity, and detect defects.

Ophir Photonics irradiance and energy density sensor measures narrowband LED and laser sources

The PD300RM irradiance and energy density sensor measures narrowband LED and laser sources between 200 and 850 nm.

Variable beamsplitters from Laser Components are constructed on square substrates

Variable beamsplitters feature an inhomogeneous layer distribution on a square substrate.

Portable Power Systems laser diode dummy loads simulate laser diodes

A line of laser diode dummy loads allows simulation of a laser diode, laser diode bar, or laser diode array.

Optical test and measurement platform from Yenista Optics supports tunable lasers

The newly updated OSICS optical test and measurement platform provides compatibility with existing OSICS modules.

Reynard custom optical heated windows feature high transmission from visible to far-IR

Optical heated windows utilize conductive materials such as ITO or gold to keep imaging planes or optical instrumentation windows free of moisture or fog.

BitFlow frame grabbers have utility in image processing and vision solutions

The Axion-CL Camera Link frame grabber includes a proprietary DMA engine, StreamSync acquisition engine and buffer manager, a timing sequencer, I/O capabilities, and frame sequence.

NIR spectrometer from Avantes analyzes grain, corn, wheat, and soy

The AvaSpec-NIR 256-HSC spectrometer is based on a 100 mm optical bench with an NA of 0.13.

DILAS visible blue diode laser system provides up to 25 W output power

A diode laser system in the visible blue wavelength at 450 nm provides up to 25 W output power from a 200 or 400 μm (NA 0.22) fiber.

Holey waveplates from Tower Optical available

Precision waveplates with user-specified holes in specific locations are intended to allow optical system designers to change the beam path by providing a return path that uses the same space as the transmit path.

Intelligent piezo controllers from Piezosystem Jena offer automatic sensor identification

New automatic sensor identification and system calibration functions are available for piezoelectric actuators.

Discovery Semiconductors linear balanced receiver instrument has use in lidar systems up to 20 GHz

A linear balanced receiver instrument includes remote command and control software.

OSI Laser Diode pulsed laser diode module operates at 1625 nm

The SCW 1632-350R is a high-power pulsed laser diode module for optical testing applications.

Solid Optics multi-fiber tool enables optics modification

The Multi-Fiber Tool enables users to analyze and fix issues related to optical communications and to modify optics.

Fiber-pigtail tunable optical filters from WL Photonics have 0.1–40 nm bandwidth range

Fiber-pigtail tunable optical filters are built based on free-space Fourier transform combing with diffraction gratings.

Changchun Worldhawk Optoelectronics optical Powell lens available in custom sizes and coatings

An optical Powell lens produces greater energy distribution along the laser line compared to using rods and conventional lenses.

HeNe laser teaching kit from Hyland Optical Technologies includes laser building supplies

The HeNe Laser Project Kit is designed as a teaching tool to provide an understanding of a helium-neon laser.

TeraView spectrometer and imaging system is supplied with external fibers

The TeraPulse 4000 is designed for terahertz-related research and will be used for postal inspection.

Fiber analysis system from Photon Kinetics available

The 2300 Fiber Analysis System is an optical fiber test instrument to perform both cut-off wavelength (spectral loss) and fiber geometry measurements.

Schott TEC TO package enables high-speed data transfer

A TEC TO package enables the development of high-speed data transfer in the data and telecommunications market.

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