Laser Focus World Products

Duma Optronics to display laser beam profiler at LASER World of Photonics 2015

The BeamOn WSR laser beam profiler features proprietary sensor technology for beam profiling in the range of 190 to 1600 nm.

DILAS to demonstrate high-brightness fiber laser pump modules at LASER World of Photonics 2015

High-brightness fiber laser pump modules have uses in industry, research, and development, as well as in direct-diode applications.

Delta Optical Thin Film to showcase linear variable visible bandpass filter at LASER World of Photonics 2015

The LVVISBP series linear variable filters (LVFs) are wedged filters with spectral properties that vary linearly along their long side.

Toptica Photonics to demonstrate ultrafast fiber laser at LASER World of Photonics 2015

The FemtoFiber pro SCYb ultrafast fiber laser delivers pulses with a center wavelength of 1030 nm and duration below 100 fs.

Lincoln Laser to showcase scan head at LASER World of Photonics 2015

The hyperSCAN scan head combines traditional galvo scanning with polygon speeds.

Gentec-EO to launch handheld laser power meter at LASER World of Photonics 2015

The Pronto handheld laser power meter performs instantaneous laser power measurements from 1 to 250 W.

Daylight Solutions to show infrared microscopy platform at LASER World of Photonics 2015

The Spero laser-based infrared microscopy platform for spectral imaging provides high spatial resolution.

Zemax intros new version of optical and illumination design software

OpticStudio 15 optical and illumination design software builds upon previous versions with new physics capabilities and features.

Spectra-Physics to display ultrafast lasers at CLEO:2015

The Spitfire Ace ultrafast amplifiers and Ascend pump lasers have uses in advanced research applications, including multidimensional and time-resolved spectroscopy.

EOT to showcase optical isolators for 1.0 μm lasers at CLEO:2015

The Pavos Series 5 mm optical isolators and Faraday rotators provide improved transmission and isolation, greater beam pointing stability, and precision mounting options for OEM applications.

Cybel to showcase thulium-doped fiber amplifiers at CLEO:2015

MISTRAL thulium-doped fiber amplifiers have use in amplification of eye-safe light in the 1920–2055 nm wavelength range.

RPMC Lasers to show laser for gas sensing at CLEO:2015

The DX1 laser module from Eblana Photonics has an integrated current source and temperature controller, and is available in 760, 780, and 1250–2150 nm wavelengths.

Ocean Optics to display spectral sensor at CLEO:2015

The Spark-VIS solid-state spectral sensor delivers high-resolution measurements over the visible wavelength range of 380–700 nm.

Oxide Corporation to showcase ferroelectric QPM device at CLEO:2015

The PP-LBGO QPM device for UV light generation is a periodically poled structure created in the ferroelectric material LaBGeO5.

Edmund Optics to show variable beam expanders at CLEO:2015

TECHSPEC variable beam expanders have uses in high-power laser applications where magnification changes may be required.

Photodigm to display pulsed 1064 nm laser module at CLEO:2015

A 1064 nm DBR butterfly package integrates with Highland Technology's T165-9 pico/nanosecond laser driver.

Inrad Optics to demonstrate stilbene scintillator at CLEO:2015

The company grows and fabricates stilbene, an organic scintillator used for radiation detection.

Photonics Industries to showcase 100 mJ green YLF laser at CLEO:2015

The DM100-527 green yttrium lithium fluoride (YLF) laser delivers pulse energies of 100 mJ at 1 kHz and 50 mJ at 3 kHz.

Linear motion voice coil stages from MOtiCont have have linear travel of 2.20 in.

VCDS-051-089-01 series linear motion voice coil stages feature an integral optical quadrature encoder with differential outputs.

Newport Wollaston prism calcite polarizer is available uncoated or coated

The 10WLP08 Wollaston prism calcite polarizer has use in high-purity linear polarization of broadband sources or multiple laser wavelengths.

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