Laser Focus World Products

Laser optics assemblies from Rocky Mountain Instrument have uses in industrial laser processing

A line of laser assemblies includes standard and custom beam expanders and F-Theta lenses.

Optical profiler from Zygo has use in precision machining applications

The ZeGage Plus optical profiler provides non-contact 3D measurement of surface topography and roughness.

Tunable lasers from Santec offer a 1060 nm wavelength range

The HSL-1 tunable laser is based on electrically pumped vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) technology.

Toptica Photonics diode laser systems available in wavelengths from 320 to 780 nm

The DLC TA-SHG pro diode laser systems are available in wavelengths from 320 to 780 nm.

Large-format lenses from Resolve Optics have wide field of view for close-up imaging

Large-Format Lenses provide high resolution over a large image format for scientific and machine vision applications.

New Scale Technology focus module developer’s kit performs at any orientation

The M3-FS focus module has 0.5 μm precision, works on battery power, and resists shock, vibration, and temperature extremes.

Nutfield Technology digital scan head is available with selection of scan lenses

The D-20 encoder-based XY-axis scan head for industrial applications accepts XY2-100 digital input signals for 16-bit addressability.

IR microscope from Pembroke Instruments is customizable up to 1000x

The MicroSWIR-1000 microscopy platform enables magnified imaging between 900 and 1700 nm.

Osram Opto Semiconductors laser bar consists of five emitters

The SPL BF98-40-5 laser bar has output >60 W at 976 nm, with brilliance of 3 W/mm.

Forth Dimension Displays spatial light modulator contains a microdisplay

The 3.1 Mpixel QXGA-3DM SLM spatial light modulator is designed for applications including inspection and microscopy.

Beam handling systems from OWIS have utility in institute and university training

OWISets PRAK provides experimental setups based on the SYS 65 beam handling system.

Lock-in amplifier from Zurich Instruments has signal bandwidth of 500 kHz

The MFLI lock-in amplifier has a signal bandwidth of 500 kHz, with the option to extend it up to 5 MHz.

Cooler assembly from American Infrared Solutions covers IR wavelengths to 2.5 μm

The mini-Nyx-S 640 SWIR integrated dewar cooler assembly is integrated with a high-performance SWIR focal plane array.

Thermal software from FLIR Systems includes multiple analysis tools

ResearchIR 4.2 software allows researchers to view, acquire, analyze, and share thermal data captured with the company’s cameras.

IJK Controls airborne gimbal system features HD continuous-zoom MWIR imaging

The Tactical Airborne Gimbal System controller is based on a carbon fiber, 4-axis gimbal design with fiber-optic gyroscope stabilization.

Mahr Federal lens measurement system evaluates aspheres

The MarForm MFU 200 Aspheric 3D measuring station evaluates optical components, including freeform, aspheric, and spherical lenses.

Adimec CMOS camera has use in environmentally challenged systems

The TMX74-60c/CL camera is a rugged, global-shutter, full-HD-resolution daylight camera.

56 Gbaud EMLs and drivers from NeoPhotonics provide interfaces for 400 Gbit/s transceivers

56 Gbaud externally modulated lasers (EMLs) and drivers provide interfaces for 400 Gbit/s transceivers.

Fiber modules from Lumics are available for wavelengths from 760 to 1080 nm

Single-mode, fiber-pigtailed butterfly 14-pin modules include a 760 nm product to address the oxygen absorption band in that range.

Equipment Solutions motion controller has <50 nm positioning repeatability

The LFA-2010 linear focus actuator is a compact motion control positioner.

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