Laser Focus World Products

Hollow shaft rotary actuators from Intellidrives have a large-diameter hollow shaft

Hollow shaft rotary actuators in four stage sizes with center apertures from 33 to 100 mm offer optimized load capacity, torque, speed, and resolution.

3D mouse SpaceNavigator drives up to six attocube positioners

The SpaceNavigator mouse from 3Dconnexion allows for remote control of attocube’s piezo drives via a newly programmed software interface.

Short-pulse laser diode from FLIR Systems is based on VCSEL technology

The VPOWR high-power, short-pulse laser diode has electronics designed for applications such as lidar.

Mitutoyo 2D vision measuring system is available in 0.2X or 0.5X magnifications

Quick Image series 2D vision measuring systems are offered in 0.2X or 0.5X magnifications.

OptoTest integrating sphere optically tests fibers terminated with high-density connectors

The OP-SPHR Integrating Sphere optically tests fibers terminated with high-density connectors such as MXC, MTP/MPO, or bare fiber.

Newport AR-coated fused silica lenses have use in ultrafast laser applications

A line of AR-coated fused silica lenses is designed for ultrafast laser applications.

Sensofar 3D optical sensor system measures with resolution to 0.1 nm

The S mart 3D optical sensor system integrates into automated production systems.

4 Mpixel HD camera from Photron provides up to 750 frames/s

The Fastcam Mini WX50 video camera provides up to 750 frames/s at full 4 Mpixel resolution.

Aerotech z-axis piezo nanopositioner provides repeatability to 1 nm

The QNP-Z series piezo nanopositioning stages provide resolution to 0.15 nm, linearity to 0.007%, and repeatability to 1 nm.

Calmar Laser fiber-based femtosecond lasers have utility in multiphoton microscopy

Cazadero FLCPA-05O fiber-based femtosecond lasers are offered in both 1300 and 1700 nm wavelengths.

Confocal Raman imaging module from Horiba Scientific obtains micron-scale images

The SWIFT v2 ultrafast confocal Raman imaging module is available for the XploRA PLUS and LabRAM Evolution.

Eye-safe rangefinder receiver from Voxtel offers total dynamic range of 70 dB

ROX Rx series eye-safe rangefinder receivers include the 100 MHz, 200 µm model RVC1-NIAC.

Scanning system from Scanlab features a a 14 mm aperture

The excelliSCAN scanning system uses galvo scanners with digital angle sensors.

Laser marking software from Amada Miyachi America includes a graphic file editing feature

LMF laser marker series software includes a new graphic file editing feature to edit nodes within graphic vector files.

Menlo Systems optical frequency combs use a femtosecond fiber laser

A line of optical frequency combs offers stability and accuracy >10-18 for use on optical clocks.

Reynard metalized windows are manufactured using thin-film coating deposition

High-performance metalized windows are used in diverse applications, such as cryogenic Dewar windows.

3D optical microscopes from Bruker have utility in sample characterization

Contour Elite 3D optical microscopes integrate high-definition microscopy imaging with optical surface metrology functionality.

Scientific imaging and spectroscopy software from Princeton Instruments analyzes 64-bit data in real time

LightField version 5.0 scientific imaging and spectroscopy software includes a math engine for analyzing 64-bit data in real time.

Nutec cylindrical micromachining system is available in four travel ranges

The LaserLathe system integrates a fiber laser for tube cutting operations.

Quantum Composers mid-IR lasers feature 10 or 20 Hz repetition rate

The MIR series DPSS lasers deliver >1 mJ, <10 ns pulses with factory-selectable infrared (IR) wavelengths from 1.5 to 4 μm.

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