Laser Focus World Products

Confocal Raman imaging module from Horiba Scientific obtains micron-scale images

The SWIFT v2 ultrafast confocal Raman imaging module is available for the XploRA PLUS and LabRAM Evolution.

Eye-safe rangefinder receiver from Voxtel offers total dynamic range of 70 dB

ROX Rx series eye-safe rangefinder receivers include the 100 MHz, 200 µm model RVC1-NIAC.

Scanning system from Scanlab features a a 14 mm aperture

The excelliSCAN scanning system uses galvo scanners with digital angle sensors.

Laser marking software from Amada Miyachi America includes a graphic file editing feature

LMF laser marker series software includes a new graphic file editing feature to edit nodes within graphic vector files.

Menlo Systems optical frequency combs use a femtosecond fiber laser

A line of optical frequency combs offers stability and accuracy >10-18 for use on optical clocks.

Reynard metalized windows are manufactured using thin-film coating deposition

High-performance metalized windows are used in diverse applications, such as cryogenic Dewar windows.

3D optical microscopes from Bruker have utility in sample characterization

Contour Elite 3D optical microscopes integrate high-definition microscopy imaging with optical surface metrology functionality.

Scientific imaging and spectroscopy software from Princeton Instruments analyzes 64-bit data in real time

LightField version 5.0 scientific imaging and spectroscopy software includes a math engine for analyzing 64-bit data in real time.

Nutec cylindrical micromachining system is available in four travel ranges

The LaserLathe system integrates a fiber laser for tube cutting operations.

Quantum Composers mid-IR lasers feature 10 or 20 Hz repetition rate

The MIR series DPSS lasers deliver >1 mJ, <10 ns pulses with factory-selectable infrared (IR) wavelengths from 1.5 to 4 μm.

Laser optics assemblies from Rocky Mountain Instrument have uses in industrial laser processing

A line of laser assemblies includes standard and custom beam expanders and F-Theta lenses.

Optical profiler from Zygo has use in precision machining applications

The ZeGage Plus optical profiler provides non-contact 3D measurement of surface topography and roughness.

Tunable lasers from Santec offer a 1060 nm wavelength range

The HSL-1 tunable laser is based on electrically pumped vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) technology.

Toptica Photonics diode laser systems available in wavelengths from 320 to 780 nm

The DLC TA-SHG pro diode laser systems are available in wavelengths from 320 to 780 nm.

Large-format lenses from Resolve Optics have wide field of view for close-up imaging

Large-Format Lenses provide high resolution over a large image format for scientific and machine vision applications.

New Scale Technology focus module developer’s kit performs at any orientation

The M3-FS focus module has 0.5 μm precision, works on battery power, and resists shock, vibration, and temperature extremes.

Nutfield Technology digital scan head is available with selection of scan lenses

The D-20 encoder-based XY-axis scan head for industrial applications accepts XY2-100 digital input signals for 16-bit addressability.

IR microscope from Pembroke Instruments is customizable up to 1000x

The MicroSWIR-1000 microscopy platform enables magnified imaging between 900 and 1700 nm.

Osram Opto Semiconductors laser bar consists of five emitters

The SPL BF98-40-5 laser bar has output >60 W at 976 nm, with brilliance of 3 W/mm.

Forth Dimension Displays spatial light modulator contains a microdisplay

The 3.1 Mpixel QXGA-3DM SLM spatial light modulator is designed for applications including inspection and microscopy.

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