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Salaries in photonics reflect regional and gender differences

05/19/2015 A survey by SPIE finds that salaries in optics and photonics are rising highest in China and median salaries for women continue to lag those of men by about 40%.

CLEO:2015 to focus on optics and microscopy trends, showcase latest exhibitor offerings


CLEO:2015 is ready to take place May 10-15 in San Jose, CA, where close to 250 companies will showcase their latest products.

Welcome home


BioOptics World is settling into its new digs here at Laser Focus World. Welcome!

CLEO/Laser Focus World 2015 Innovation Awards


Aurea Technology, Northrop Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics, and Inrad Optics are this year's winners in the Analytical Instruments or Systems, Lasers and Sources, and Optical Components categories, respectively.

Something is happening here

05/04/2015 With apologies to Thomas Kuhn, the philosopher of science who wrote The Structure of Scientific Revolutions and made famous the term "paradigm shift," I have been observing some fundamental changes in assumptions of t...

Business Forum: Part 2: Best practices from Switzerland—Photonics and otherwise


This month is the second part of an interview with the husband-wife team of Professor Ursula Keller and Dr. Kurt Weingarten.

Linear motion voice coil stages from MOtiCont have have linear travel of 2.20 in.


VCDS-051-089-01 series linear motion voice coil stages feature an integral optical quadrature encoder with differential outputs.

Portable Power Systems laser diode dummy loads simulate laser diodes


A line of laser diode dummy loads allows simulation of a laser diode, laser diode bar, or laser diode array.

Solid-state laser cooling approaches liquid-nitrogen temperatures


A team of researchers has identified a way to approach the cooling temperature of liquid nitrogen by reducing parasitic heating losses and maximizing the absorbed laser power.

Intelligent piezo controllers from Piezosystem Jena offer automatic sensor identification


New automatic sensor identification and system calibration functions are available for piezoelectric actuators.

Does photonics matter to your state?


Knowledge is power. What could you do if you knew all of the photonics companies in your state?

Photonics awareness


In considering what to write for this Editor's Desk, I made a list of article topics published in the issue that could reveal a theme.

220 gallium nitride MOCVD reactors to be installed in 2015 for LED production


LEDs as a business are growing rapidly in China, spurring purchase of the capital equipment needed for LED fabrication.

Business Forum: Best practices from Switzerland— Photonics and otherwise


This month I interview the husband–wife team of Professor Ursula Keller and Dr. Kurt Weingarten.

Diode controller from ILX combines precision current source with a thermoelectric TEC


The LDC-37620 high-power laser diode controller is designed to control single-emitter laser diodes and provide accurate, constant current or power operation.

Hollow waveguide from Molex delivers power from CO2 and Er:YAG


The Polymicro Technologies MediSpec hollow silica waveguide includes a visible aiming beam for alignment.

Spectrum analyzer from Bristol measures laser wavelength from the visible to the mid-IR


The 771 Series laser spectrum analyzer measures laser wavelength from the visible to the mid-IR to an accuracy as high as ± 0.0001 nm.

Lens cementing station from Trioptics aligns and cements lens pairs


The MultiCentric Cementing Station uses a measurement head with three integrated, simultaneously measuring autocollimators to reduce process cycle time.

Vibration cancellation system from TMC Ametek controls vibration in semiconductor fabs


The Stage-Base 450 frame-mountable motion cancellation system uses a serial-type architecture with voice coil technology to provide active floor vibration cancellation starting at 0.6 Hz.

LASER World of Photonics China continues strong growth


Celebrating its 10th anniversary with exhibitors from 20 countries, LASER World of Photonics China attracted over 40,000 attendees to the Shanghai New International Expo Cente, March 17-19.


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SCHOTT Announces Availability of CoralPor™ Porous Glass Products

01/22/2013 High-technology company and specialty glass producer SCHOTT announced the immediate availability ...
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