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Diode lasers from M2 Photonics provide high brightness and power for 450 nm apps


The SW 450 Series of diode laser modules measures 41 × 22 × 12 mm and has output power of 4 W at an operating current of 1.5 A.

Optogenetics finds what regulates synaptic activity in the neocortex


Using optogenetics, a team of scientists has found that a specific type of neuron might be thwarting their efforts at mapping the connectome.

JDSU names its two new spinoff companies Lumentum and Viavi

02/27/2015 Continuing plans announced in September 2014, JDSU will name its optical components and subsystems spinoff Lumentum and its network and services spinoff Viavi Solutions.

Laser Marketplace Seminar: Afternoon Highlights


Northrop Grumman installs new joule-class laser at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


The new joule-class laser will be a key component of LLNL's high-repetition-rate advanced petawatt laser system (HAPLS).

Laser Marketplace Seminar: 3D Printing and Panel Insights


Gigaphoton achieves continuous 140W EUV light source output at 50-percent duty cycle

02/25/2015 Lithography light source maker Gigaphoton has achieved continuous operation of a 140W extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light source at 50-percent duty cycle on its prototype laser-produced plasma (LPP) light sources for EUV lithograph...

Laser Marketplace Seminar: Morning Highlights


Innovation Awards deadline extended to March 2nd; CLEO exhibitors enter now!

02/24/2015 The submission deadline has been extended to Monday, March 2nd for the CLEO/Laser Focus World Innovation Awards.

Fujitsu and partners halve power requirements for silicon photonic transceivers


Fujitsu, PETRA, and NEDO have jointly developed the world's most energy efficient silicon photonics optical transceiver circuit.

MAP-2 second-generation NIST program accurately characterizes lighting LEDs


For LED characterization, NIST has begun offering customers the second generation of its SSL Measurement Assurance Program.

CLEO/LFW Innovation Award deadline is Monday; enter now!


Deadline for the prestigious CLEO/LFW Innovation Awards program is Monday, February 23, 2015. Enter now!

Laser technique uses diamond defects to reveal protein structures in great detail


A new technique shows promise for producing highly detailed images of individual proteins without the need for crystallization.

Laser frequency comb in single-mode fiber can aid search for exoplanets (with video)


A solar telescope can be combined with a laser frequency comb to allow spectral analysis of distant stars.

Raman spectroscopy following laser ablation shows promise for cancer surgery


Researchers used Raman spectroscopy to distinguish normal from cancerous skin tissue following high-powered laser ablation.

Laser-Powered Devices: High-concentration PV cell enables high-wattage laser power transmission


A high-performance, high-voltage VMJ photovoltaic cell enables high-wattage transmission of power via laser light for applications including remote powering of small UAVs and remote sensing.

Photonic Frontiers: Solid State Lasers: Looking back/Looking forward: A long way from the ruby laser

02/17/2015 Invention of the ruby laser gave solid-state lasers a head start in the laser market, but by the 1970s neodymium became the workhorse solid-state laser. Ti-sapphire emerged in the 1980s, followed by diode pumping, fiber amplifi...

Media for the long haul


I'm describing this tumult to help convey one important fact -- that through it all, the magazine and Internet entity known as Laser Focus World prospered.

Passive two-phase cooler by Celsia for LEDs and concentrating photovoltaics achieves 1000 W/cm² operation


Celsia-developed two-phase cooling technology was tested at high heat loads.

2015 Prism Awards honor photonics innovators at SPIE Photonics West


Companies large and small from around the world walked away with top honors in the annual Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation Wednesday evening during SPIE Photonics West 2015.

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Fiber Lasers: A technology primer

Fiber lasers have made impressive progress in recent years. Their design offers a combination of high power, low maintenance, and reliability attractive for ...

Lasers for Defense and Security

Used widely now, lasers will become ever more common tools for both military and security personnel. Laser weapons for missile defense, laser designation, in...

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Narrow-line fiber-coupled modules for DPAL pumping

A new series of fiber coupled diode laser modules optimized for DPAL pumping is presented, featuring greater than 400W from a 600µm core fiber of 0.22NA. Add...

Accurate LED Source Modeling Using TracePro

Modern optical modeling programs allow product design engineers to create, analyze, and optimize LED sources and LED optical systems as a virtual prototype p...

Optical Isolators Improve Engraving Performance of Pulsed Fiber Lasers

The deleterious effects of back reflections on pulsed fiber lasers used in marking and engraving are well-known. This paper looks at some of those conditions...

Scalable and modular diode laser architecture for fiber coupling that combines high-power, high-brightness, and low weight

The demand for high-power and high-brightness fiber coupled diode laser devices is mainly driven by applications for solid-state laser pumping and materials ...

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ADHESIVES, SEALANTS, AND COATINGS: Solutions for optical technologies

A vast array of optical systems of various types and degrees of complexity require the use of adhesives, encapsulants, and other curing compounds for assembl...

WAVELENGTH-SWEPT LASERS: Dispersion-tuned fiber laser sweeps over a 140 nm range for OCT

By eliminating the use of mechanical tunable filters and instead tuning by intensity-modulation in a highly dispersive laser cavity, a fiber laser sweeps a 1...

Keeping pace with developments in photonic materials research

For demanding or custom spectroscopy solutions, care must be taken in selecting and integrating a number of critical electro-optical components. Development ...

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