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Report cites that medical 3D printing market will hit $965.5M worldwide by 2019


A report by Transparency Market Research forecasts that the medical 3D printing market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.4 percent from 2013 to 2019, reaching $965.5 million globally by 2019.

Industrial lasers, photonics in oil and gas to headline 2015 Marketplace Seminar

10/17/2014 Applications and market opportunities for lasers, optics, and photonics are the themes for the 27th annual Lasers & Photonics Marketplace Seminar. It will held in conjunction with SPIE Photonics West, and take place at the ...

Trumpf FY13/14 profits soar, thanks to record in increased revenue


Industrial laser systems maker Trumpf has increased its income significantly in fiscal year 2013/2014, thereby posting record revenues.

Additive manufacturing market has one-third represented by final-product parts production


Revenues from the production of parts for final products represents 34.7 percent of the entire market for additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing, according to market research firm Wohlers Associates.

Photodynamic therapy for deep cancer cells could get a boost with new nanoparticle

10/16/2014 An international team of researchers has combined a new type of nanoparticle with an FDA-approved photodynamic therapy (PDT) to effectively kill deep-set cancer cells in vivo with minimal damage to surrounding tissue and fewer ...

Theranostic fluorescent nanoparticles identify and destroy ovarian cancer cells


Theranostic research that describes a fluorescence technique for identifying and destroying ovarian cancer cells was selected as Editor's Choice for the September 2014 issue of Lasers in Surgery and Medicine (LSM).

Ocean and sea ice research project to use Headwall hyperspectral sensors


Spectral sensing and imaging company Headwall Photonics delivered two high-performance hyperspectral imaging sensors to Columbia University as part of its Air-Se a-Ice Physics and Biogeochemistry Experiment.

Biophotonics innovators amongst Edmund Optics' 2014 Education Award winners

10/15/2014 Optical components maker Edmund Optics has named the recipients of its 2014 Educational Award program—an award given in recognition of outstanding undergraduate and graduate optics programs in science, technology, engineering, ...

Carbon-nanotube-based field emitter aims to be efficient just like LEDs


Scientists from Tohoku University (Sendai, Japan) have developed a new type of flat light source -- a field emitter based on carbon nanotubes.

Optoelectronics Research Centre to sell advanced optical fiber commercially


The Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) at the University of Southampton is making its next-generation optical fiber available for purchase by systems engineers and researchers. 

Trumpf promotes Rogowski to VP of technical service

10/13/2014 Industrial laser maker Trumpf has promoted James Rogowski to vice president, technical service, a role in which he is responsible for technical services and training for the company's machine tools installed across the U.S.

COMSOL prereleases version 5.0 of its Multiphysics software; unveils ray optics, 'Application Builder' for industry

10/10/2014 On October 8, 2014, COMSOL (Burlington, MA) announced the prerelease of the newest version of the company's Multiphysics software, version 5.0, at the COMSOL Conference 2014 Boston. The company's developers are finishing up the...

Ways to celebrate IYL 2015


With 2015 fast approaching, I'm disappointed that I don't have anything specifically lined up related to the event, so I thought I'd do a little research and find out what's on tap for IYL2015.

Silicon photonics, QD laser interconnect company RANOVUS announces $24M funding


A new $24 million dollar round of financing was announced for RANOVUS, provider of multi-terabit interconnect solutions for datacenter and optical communications networks.

Gold nanoparticles, laser light pair to measure mucus


Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) have developed a way to use gold nanoparticles and laser light to measure the stickiness of the mucus that lines the airway.

Jenoptik receives order worth $5.1M for production of medical lasers


Jenoptik's Lasers & Material Processing Division has received an order worth $5.1 million (€4 million) from a well-known medical technology manufacturer in Germany.

Osram launches LED-based fitness-monitoring sensor


Osram Opto Semiconductors has launched the SFH 7050--its first integrated optical sensor for automatic fitness tracking.

Advances in Imaging: Pulsed laser illumination enables high-resolution 3D imaging


A machine-vision system that extracts time-of-flight information from a measurement of intensity of the reflected pulse enables depth measurement at each pixel in the imager.

Laser Safety: New ANSI guidelines remind users to take stock of industrial laser protections


Recently updated ANSI standards including the "Safe Use of Lasers in Manufacturing Environments" provide the foundation for keeping employees safe and ensuring that manufacturing processes run smoothly.

Photonics Applied: Optical Sensing: OPO-based optical analyzer monitors multiple gases in real time


A new gas analyzer based on a compact doubly resonant optical parametric oscillator pumped by a pulsed laser can monitor multiple gases in real time with a very wide dynamic range at ppb levels.

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