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Ophthalmology laser maker Iridex secures large tender from Government of Zambia


Iridex (NASDAQ: IRIX) has been awarded a competitive tender for more than $350,000 in ophthalmology laser equipment by the government of Zambia.

DPSS single mode laser from Tekhnoscan may be used as low noise pump


The Mozart single-frequency, 532 nm DPSS single mode laser delivers 5, 6, or 7 W of continuous-wave output power.

NIR light-activated biomarker detects tumor cells, delivers drugs

11/26/2014 A team of researchers has developed a biomarker made from a nanophosphor particle that, when activated by near-infrared (NIR) light, detects tumor cells to allow scientists to take a better look. And it can also release anti-ca...

Airborne lidar finds ancient Roman goldmines in Spain

11/25/2014 Using an airborne laser teledetection system and flying over the Eria Valley in León, Spain), researchers from the University of Salamanca (Salamanca, Spain) discovered a gold-mining network created by the Romans two thousand y...

First-ever light-operated drug hones on most common target proteins

11/25/2014 An international team of researchers has developed the first-ever light-controlled therapeutic agent whose effects focus specifically on the largest, most important class of drug target proteins—G protein-coupled receptors (GPC...

3D printing center to open in Singapore starting in 1Q 2015

11/25/2014 Ultra Clean Holdings, Inc. will offer 3D printing services through the acquisition of privately held Prototype Asia LLC and the opening of its Additive Manufacturing Center in Singapore. Services will be available beginning in ...

Telecom and datacom laser-diode supplier BinOptics bought by MACOM for $230 million

11/24/2014 M/A-COM (Lowell, MA; Nasdaq:MTSI), also known as MACOM, has acquired indium phosphide (InP) laser-diode maker BinOptics (Ithaca, NY) for $230 million in cash. MACOM makes radio-frequency (RF), microwave, and millimeter-wave pro...

New method measures residual stress in parts produced by additive manufacturing


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers have developed an efficient method to measure residual stress in metal parts produced by powder-bed fusion additive manufacturing.

Mature scars with erythema benefit from fractional CO2 laser treatment


A new study conducted by a team of researchers, using a fractional CO2 laser, resulted in clinical improvement of erythema (redness of the skin).

25G lasers from BioOptics for use in 100G datacenter apps


A line of 25 Gbps lasers is available at 1270, 1290, 1310, and 1330 nm wavelengths for use in 100G datacenter applications through course wavelength division multiplexing (CDWM).

Diode laser modules from M2 Photonics provide brightness and power for 793 nm


The MU20-793-01 and MU30-793-02 fiber-coupled modules provide high brightness and power for 793 nm applications.

Nanosecond laser therapy helps slow age-related macular degeneration

11/20/2014 Seeking to find more effective laser therapy to slow down age-related macular generation (AMD), a team of researchers has found that nanosecond laser therapy did not result in damage to the retina, the sensitive light-detecting...

New Focus unveils widely tunable laser diode for the 2 µm spectral region

11/19/2014 New Focus (Santa Clara, CA), which is a part of Newport, has added a 2-µm-region laser to its Velocity line of wide-tuning-range laser diodes, a line that already has tunable laser diodes with center wavelengths ranging from 63...

Blood vessel receptor that responds to blue LED light could treat vascular disease


A team of researchers has discovered a receptor on blood vessels that causes the vessel to relax in response to blue light, making it potentially useful in treating vascular diseases.

Two-photon polymerization produces micrometer-sized swimming actuators for bioscience

11/18/2014 Using a combination of two-photon polymerization and directed nanoparticle self-organization, researchers at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) have created microscopic actuators that swim through fluids and can carry bioactive molecules.

Mass production of flexible OLEDs nears reality

11/18/2014 The R2D2 OLED research consortium in Germany has begun investigating production processes and technologies for manufacturing flexible and shapeable OLEDs, and California-based Kateeva has released an advanced OLED mass-producti...

Terahertz source from Microtech delivers 1 mW of average power in narrow spectral band


The TPO-1500-HP terahertz parametric oscillator is suitable for practical THz imaging applications.

Excimer laser debonder from Suss MicroTec performs stress-free debonding of 200 and 300 mm 3D IC wafers


The ELD300 excimer laser debonder can be used as a stand-alone, semi-automated system or as an integrated process module.

Laser diode from Eagleyard contains integrated fast- and slow-axis collimation


The 16-W BAL-1064 is a single-emitter broad-area laser diode with a width of 200 micron, containing integrated fast- and slow-axis collimation.

Chalcogenide optical chips, carbon-nanotube lasers form optical oscilloscope

11/14/2014 An optical oscilloscope with 20 times the resolution of conventional electronics has been developed by the ARC Centre for ultrahigh bandwidth devices for optical systems (CUDOS) at the University of Sydney and the Australian Na...

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Hard coated ultra-narrowband optical filters made using modern plasma processes offer much improved transmission, temperature stability and out of band block...

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The Moxtek ICE CubeTM polarizing beamsplitter (PBS) product performance is compared to a MacNeille PBS cube.  Cube beamsplitters are found in a variety ...

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HIGH-ENERGY LASER COATINGS: Eliminating laser damage proactively

High-power and high-energy thin-film antireflection coatings for laser optics require careful design and manufacture to enable the coatings to survive the ve...
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LIBS -- spectroscopy for remote identification of materials

Laser-induced-breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) uses a pulsed laser to vaporize a small sample of a specimen, which is then spectrally measured. But it only take...
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Laser Tools for Materials Processing

Laser materials processing requires not only the appropriate industrial laser system, but also a host of “tools” to ensure that the laser beam is delivered t...
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