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Menlo Systems optical frequency combs use a femtosecond fiber laser


A line of optical frequency combs offers stability and accuracy >10-18 for use on optical clocks.

MELA Sciences acquires PhotoMedex's dermatology laser and light businesses


MELA Sciences has acquired the dermatology laser and light businesses from PhotoMedex for $42.5 million in cash.

2D high-harmonic spectroscopy sees multiple molecular orbitals


The Institute for Basic Science in Korea can resolve multiple molecular orbitals using laser spectroscopy.

Photonic crystals, graphene, and metamaterials bring Institute of Physics awards


The IOP announced this year’s award winners, including three related to photonics. Eli Yablonovitch, Rahul Raveendran-Nair, and Nikolay Zheludev.


Confocal laser-scanning microscopy shows how wound healing influences cancer


A microscopy technique enabled study of the larvae of zebrafish to reveal how wound healing leads to skin cancer.

DPSS laser maker Photonics Industries expands with new facility


Photonics Industries, a DPSS laser manufacturer, has expanded in response to growing demand by moving to a larger facility.

Nutec cylindrical micromachining system is available in four travel ranges


The LaserLathe system integrates a fiber laser for tube cutting operations.

From Laser Munich 2015: TRUMPF develops pulsed green laser for welding copper


The 400 W average power, 515 nm wavelength source results in high weld reproducibility and little spatter.

Quantum Composers mid-IR lasers feature 10 or 20 Hz repetition rate


The MIR series DPSS lasers deliver >1 mJ, <10 ns pulses with factory-selectable infrared (IR) wavelengths from 1.5 to 4 μm.

Optical module increases productivity of ultrafast laser systems


Fraunhofer ILT has developed an optical module that shortens the pulse duration of powerful ultrafast lasers by a factor of four.

Tunable lasers from Santec offer a 1060 nm wavelength range


The HSL-1 tunable laser is based on electrically pumped vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) technology.

From Laser Munich 2015: BeamWatch 2.0 characterizes high-power laser beams in two axes


Noncontact measurement method relies on viewing Rayleigh scattering in air.

Hospital light fixture that kills bacteria to become commercially available


The Indigo-Clean light fixture continuously kills harmful bacteria linked to hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).

DirectPhotonics secures nearly $3.7M to accelerate direct diode laser market growth


DirectPhotonics secured an investment infusion of nearly $3.7 million dollars from existing shareholders and a new partner.

Toptica Photonics diode laser systems available in wavelengths from 320 to 780 nm


The DLC TA-SHG pro diode laser systems are available in wavelengths from 320 to 780 nm.

Osram Opto Semiconductors laser bar consists of five emitters


The SPL BF98-40-5 laser bar has output >60 W at 976 nm, with brilliance of 3 W/mm.

56 Gbaud EMLs and drivers from NeoPhotonics provide interfaces for 400 Gbit/s transceivers


56 Gbaud externally modulated lasers (EMLs) and drivers provide interfaces for 400 Gbit/s transceivers.

Fiber modules from Lumics are available for wavelengths from 760 to 1080 nm


Single-mode, fiber-pigtailed butterfly 14-pin modules include a 760 nm product to address the oxygen absorption band in that range.

Voxtel laser rangefinder contains an InGaAs avalanche photodiode receiver


The ROX μLRF series eye-safe microlaser rangefinder is designed for high-performance consumer, industrial, and military system integrators.

Diode laser pump from DILAS offers up to 30 W output


A fiber-coupled diode laser pump module is designed for pumping ytterbium fiber lasers with kilohertz modulation.

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White Papers

Degradation studies of a VECSEL gain structure using a stable green pump laser

The degradation of the gain structure of a red-emitting Optically Pumped Semiconductor (OPS) Vertical External-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VECSEL) pumped ...

Tailored bar concepts for 10 mm-mrad fiber coupled modules scalable to kW-class direct diode lasers

In this paper, laser modules based on newly developed tailored bars are presented. The modules allow efficient fiber coupling of more than 320 W into 10 mm-m...

Wavelength stabilized multi-kW diode laser systems

Wavelength stabilization of high-power diode laser systems is an important means to increase the efficiency of diode pumped solid-state lasers. It also enabl...

Tamarisk® Custom Lens Calibration

Though the Tamarisk product line is optimally designed to suit a variety of end-uses, DRS has developed the Tamarisk® Custom Lens Calibration (CLC) utility t...

DRS Technologies’ Patented Sensor Technology Revealed

Learn the truth about what’s behind DRS Technologies’ competitive advantage over thermal sensor manufacturers – the patented Advanced-Absorber Microbolometer...

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The development of higher-power and higher-energy fiber lasers has benefited from many advances in both active and passive optical fibers. Improved fiber des...

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Galvanometer-based scanners are an essential component in laser-based materials-processing systems; scanners are what do the work required to precisely shape...

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