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Quantel, Andor, and NSF offer free LIBS workshop


Quantel, Andor, and the NSF-sponsored cCWCS program is sponsoring the free second annual workshop on Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy in Undergraduate Research and Teaching (LIBS-URT 2014).

Element Six selected for EU project to develop ultrafast pulse disk laser


Element Six was selected by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development to help develop a new ultrafast pulse disk laser.

OSI Laser Diode establishes supply agreement with SemiNex


OSI Laser Diode Inc. has established a supply agreement with SemiNex Corp. where SemiNex will fulfill LDI’s needs for high power indium phosphide laser chips in the infrared wavelength range of 1300-1700 nm.

UCSB scientists in DARPA program fabricate quantum-dot lasers directly on silicon

09/16/2014 Scientists in the Electronic-Photonic Heterogeneous Integration (E-PHI) program run by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA; Washington, DC) have deposited successive layers of indium arsenide material dire...

Exfoliated single-crystalline GaN films grown on graphene lead to new types of LEDs

09/15/2014 Researchers at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center (Yorktown Heights, NY) have figured out how to use graphene as a template to repeatedly grow and exfoliate entire single-crystalline gallium nitride (GaN) films; the process e...

DLP projector-based smart headlights reduce glare for oncoming drivers

09/10/2014 A smart headlight developed at Carnegie Mellon University enables drivers to take full advantage of their high beams without fear of blinding oncoming drivers or suffering from the glare that can occur when driving in snow or r...

With LayerWise acquisition, 3D Systems extends presence in 3D printing

09/10/2014 3D Systems (3DS) has acquired LayerWise, a company that delivers quick-turn, 3D-printed metal parts manufactured on its proprietary line of direct-metal 3D printers for aerospace, high-precision equipment, and medical and denta...

Ablative fractional laser pretreatment in dermatology boosts topical drug uptake

09/09/2014 In a laser-assisted drug delivery study, an international team of researchers was able to impair skin barrier function via disruption by ablative fractional laser channels, increasing uptake of topically applied photosensitizers.

'Solid' light to serve as specialized quantum computer

09/09/2014 As part of an effort to develop exotic materials such as room-temperature superconductors, researchers at Princeton University (Princeton, NJ) and ETH Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland) have locked together photons so that they becom...

Business Forum: A society for the optical science ecosystem

09/09/2014 This is the fourth in a series of interviews with leaders of our professional societies. I interviewed Liz Rogan, CEO of The Optical Society  (OSA), because this professional society is a vital part of our industry’s infra...

Boeing HEL MD high-energy laser targets UAVs/mortars even through wind and fog


Boeing and the U.S. Army have proven the capabilities of the High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator (HEL MD) in maritime conditions, successfully targeting a variety of aerial targets at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

Solid-State Lasers: Ultrafast scientific lasers undergo an industrial revolution


By taking advantage of expertise from the world of industrial lasers, ultrafast lasers have become simpler and more reliable, yielding improvements in cost of data and data throughput.

Laser Quantum buys femtosecond-laser maker Venteon Laser Technologies GmbH


Laser Quantum (Stockport, England) announced it has purchased Venteon Laser Technologies GmbH (Hannover, Germany), which makes few-cycle ultrashort-pulse lasers. 

Fiber For Fiber Lasers: Kagome PC fiber goes to extremes for ultrashort-pulse lasers

09/08/2014 Ultralow-loss, robust single-mode operation for an ultrashort-pulse laser with 1 mJ pulse energy and intensity nearing petawatts per square centimeter is demonstrated using hypocycloid-shaped-core kagome photonic-crystal fiber.

Market Insights: Entering the Chinese photonics market


Over the past few decades, I have helped found companies in many parts of the world, including Taiwan, Japan, and China.

Long on the cutting edge

09/08/2014 When talking about advanced manufacturing, politicians seem to be thinking of futuristic factories or half-understood new systems. Conversely, when the industrial laser community talks about advanced manufacturing, it's talking...

Nonlinear Materials: Diamond nonlinear-wave-mixing promises multiwavelength telecom source

09/08/2014 A team of researchers is exploiting certain attributes of diamond and, for the first time, exploring the nonlinear optical properties of diamond in a ring-resonator configuration with high quality (Q) factor engineered to enabl...

Silver nanowires guide electricity and light in nanophotonic circuits

09/05/2014 Scientists describe a nanophotonic circuit consisting of a silver nanowire and a single-layer flake of molybdenum disulfide that can efficiently guide electricity and light along the wire--a step towards building comp...

Strategies Unlimited forecasts worldwide fiber laser revenue to exceed $1B in 2014


Strategies Unlimited has just published its latest laser report, Fiber Lasers: Market Review and Forecast 2014.

NASA tests 3D-printed rocket engine parts


NASA has tested the most complex rocket engine parts ever designed by the agency and printed with additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, on a test stand at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

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