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ORC researchers modulate laser diodes in new way for leading-edge fiber-optic communications

12/19/2014 By using a new technique to directly modulate telecommunications-type laser diodes at high speeds with exquisite control of the optical field, researchers from the Optoelectronics Research Centre at the University of Southampto...

Infrared light-activated microfluidic device probes how molecules fold


A team of researchers has developed a microfluidic device that, when activated by infrared (IR) light from a laser, can observe how proteins and other biomolecules form and lose their natural folded structures.

Quantum dot television launches in China


TCL Multimedia and QD Vision are launching new 55” 4K UHD Quantum Dot TVs with Color IQ technology in China.

InnoLas concentrates industrial laser business in new company


To better address current industrial laser market needs now covered by InnoLas Laser, the company will concentrate this business into a new entity: InnoLas Photonics.

Global medical aesthetic devices market to reach $6.2B by 2019, says new report

12/17/2014 In a new report, BCC Research has revealed that the growing expansion of the middle classes in developing economies, shifts in cultural outlooks for developed economies, and regulatory actions in the U.S. have led to a rapidly ...

Silicon emits photon pairs for quantum optics


Researchers from the University of California, San Diego have demonstrated a way to emit and control quantum light--photon pairs--generated using a chip made from silicon.

Solid-state proteins can boost fluorescent protein-based lasers' intensity

12/12/2014 A research team has shown that using fluorescent proteins in a solid form rather than in solution greatly increases the intensity of light produced, an accomplishment that could someday lead to biocompatible lasers that are imp...

Photonics Applied: LEDs: Luminaire LEDs see continued efficacy gains, yet substantial market pressures exist

12/10/2014 The science of LEDs and the current market conditions have aligned perfectly to allow the incredibly rapid adoption of this diverse new light source. But while the road ahead for luminaire LEDs continues to be paved with techno...

Photonic Frontiers: Visible Solid-state and Diode Lasers: New options for visible solid-state and diode lasers


New technology and careful engineering are expanding the solid-state and semiconductor laser options across the visible spectrum.

Technology Review: Top 20 technologies for 2014 cover the range from basic R&D to new apps


Senior editor John Wallace identifies his top picks for the 20 most interesting photonics technology developments covered by Laser Focus World in 2014.

VCSELS for Manufacturing: High-power VCSEL arrays make ideal industrial heating systems


Arrays of VCSELs provide configurable heat at high efficiency for industrial thermal processes and are scalable to multikilowatt levels.

European MODE-GAP project commercially launches few-mode fiber erbium-doped amplifier

12/10/2014 MODE-GAP, the European collaborative R&D project, which is investigating space-division multiplexing (SDM; or using a few-mode optical fiber's separate spatial modes to carry separate data channels) to help solve the potent...

Two banner years


A list of the best of anything is a sure-fire publishing technique to attract an audience-and, true to form, our annual December Top 20 Technology Picks is one of the most-read articles online throughout the year.

Business Forum: Technician education helps meet staffing needs of the photonics community

12/08/2014 Dr. Chrys Panayiotou, the director and principal investigator of the Laser & Fiber Optics Southeast Regional Center (LASER-TEC), talks about the well-recognized shortage of technicians in the photonics industry and progress...

Win a CLEO/LFW Innovation Award for your new photonics product


The CLEO/Laser Focus World Innovation Awards allow companies to showcase their latest products and services entering the marketplace, while reaching the top industry decision makers at the CLEO: 2015.

Materials Processing: Blue direct-diode laser emits 50 W

12/05/2014 Researchers have created a blue-emitting direct-diode laser that focuses light from 30 individual 450-nm-emitting gallium nitride (GaN)-based laser diodes into an optical fiber with a 100-μm-diameter core; the direct-diode lase...

Wafer-level LED chip emits 157 W of optical power, could potentially emit tens of kilowatts

12/05/2014 Chinese researchers from Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics (Suzhou), Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, Xiangneng HuaLei Optoelectronic Co. (Chenzhou) and several universities in China have created a gallium nit...

8000% efficient LED enables ultralow-power data transmission

12/04/2014 Rajeev Ram and colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have demonstrated ultralow-power free-space communication (over a short distance in the lab) using a thermoelectrically pumped mid-IR indium gallium a...

Now, a spherical perovskite laser


Researchers at the University of Toronto have demonstrated the first perovskite-based spherical resonator laser by coating organometallic halide perovskites uniformly onto glass microspheres.

LC retarder helps lidar measure both wind-velocity magnitude and direction


Inexpensive wind-sensing lidars based on continuous-wave (CW) narrow-linewidth laser-diode light sources are becoming useful to the wind-energy industry as anemometers.

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Fiber Lasers: A technology primer

Fiber lasers have made impressive progress in recent years. Their design offers a combination of high power, low maintenance, and reliability attractive for ...

Lasers for Defense and Security

Used widely now, lasers will become ever more common tools for both military and security personnel. Laser weapons for missile defense, laser designation, in...

Mid-infrared lasers in remote chemical sensing – from stand-off detection to atmospheric sounding

In this webcast, Gerard Wysocki of MIRTHE will discuss the unique remote-sensing capabilities enabled by modern mid-infrared (mid-IR) lasers and novel spectr...

White Papers

Scalable and modular diode laser architecture for fiber coupling that combines high-power, high-brightness, and low weight

The demand for high-power and high-brightness fiber coupled diode laser devices is mainly driven by applications for solid-state laser pumping and materials ...

Miniature Spectrometers for Narrowband Laser Characterization

In less than 60 years, lasers have transformed from the imagined “ray gun” of science fiction into everyday reality. Used everywhere from bar code scanners t...

Ultra-narrowband optical bandpass filters with large format and improved temperature stability

Hard coated ultra-narrowband optical filters made using modern plasma processes offer much improved transmission, temperature stability and out of band block...

Moxtek ICE Cube™ polarizing beamsplitter

The Moxtek ICE CubeTM polarizing beamsplitter (PBS) product performance is compared to a MacNeille PBS cube.  Cube beamsplitters are found in a variety ...

Technical Digests

HIGH-ENERGY LASER COATINGS: Eliminating laser damage proactively

High-power and high-energy thin-film antireflection coatings for laser optics require careful design and manufacture to enable the coatings to survive the ve...
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LIBS -- spectroscopy for remote identification of materials

Laser-induced-breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) uses a pulsed laser to vaporize a small sample of a specimen, which is then spectrally measured. But it only take...
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Laser Tools for Materials Processing

Laser materials processing requires not only the appropriate industrial laser system, but also a host of “tools” to ensure that the laser beam is delivered t...
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