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Fluorescence microscopy technique could lead to new drug development against osteoporosis

03/06/2014 Scientists from the University of Granada (UGR)'s Department of Physio-Chemistry in Spain have turned to a fluorescence microscopy technique that allows specialists to measure the concentration of phosphate ions inside living c...
Optical-electrical-mechanical laser setup sensitively detects radio waves at room temperature

Optical-electrical-mechanical laser setup sensitively detects radio waves at room temperature

03/05/2014 Researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute (Copenhagen, Denmark), DTU Nanotech (Lyngby, Denmark), and the Joint Quantum Institute/NIST (College Park, Maryland) have developed an ultralow-noise room-temperature approach to radio-wa...

Explore laser and optical tech at Laser World of Photonics India 2014


This September trade fair, held in tandem with Electronica India and Productronica India, will include exhibitors from automotive, toolmaking, telecommunications, medicine, and diamond processing sectors.

LED-based lab-on-a-chip device screens for 170,000 molecules in blood


EPFL and UCLA researchers have developed a new LED-based handheld device that is able to test a large number of proteins in our body all at once.

Michelson Diagnostics finalizes data collection in OCT trial for basal cell carcinoma diagnosis

03/05/2014 Michelson Diagnostics, which specializes in multibeam optical coherence tomography (OCT) technology, has completed scanning and data collection for a 250-patient, multicenter clinical trial testing diagnostic performance of the...

UCSB researchers boost efficiency of quantum-dot lasers on silicon

03/05/2014 A group at the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) is lowering the cost of laser sources on silicon-photonic chips by growing efficient quantum dot (QD) lasers directly on silicon substrates using molecular beam ep...

Business Forum: A vibrant European photonics ecosystem


Here, I interview Carlos Lee, director general of the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) to broaden our understanding of what is going on in our field in Europe.

Metamaterials: Nanopatterned metamaterial aims at LED underwater communications


University of California, San Diego (UCSD) researcher Zhaowei Liu and colleagues have taken the first steps in developing high-modulation-rate blue and green LEDs for underwater optical communications.

Free-Space Communications: 100 Tbit/s link uses orbital-angular-momentum multiplexing

03/04/2014 A free-space link developed by an international team of researchers achieves its 100 Tbit/s data-transmission rate not only by wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) and polarization-division multiplexing (PDM), but by adding i...

Synopsys acquires Brandenburg for automotive lighting software portfolio


Mountain View, CA--Synopsys has acquired Brandenburg, maker of the LucidShape line of CAD software for the design of automotive forward, rear and signal lighting and reflectors, as well as for general lighting.

Laser ablation helps to home in on cancer cells

03/04/2014 Researchers from the Institute of Molecular Life Sciences at the University of Zurich, in cooperation with ETH Zurich and University Hospital Zurich (all in Switzerland), have found a way to comprehensively profile and visualiz...

Terahertz Imaging: Terahertz microscope images chemical reactions

03/03/2014 Using an imaging process they call laser-terahertz emission microscopy (LTEM), researchers at Okayama University have developed a terahertz chemical microscope (TCM) that images chemical reactions with higher spatial resolution...

Vibration Measurement: Laser-speckle monitoring could allow remote listening


Laser-based sensing of mechanical vibrations has become a relatively common high-end technique for characterizing mechanical structures—it can also be used to remotely and covertly capture conversations.

Microscopy: Multi-frequency NSOM maps optical forces without a photodetector

03/03/2014 In a new technique called multifrequency near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM), a team of researchers has applied both an electrical signal and an optical signal to the tuning-fork architecture to map both surface topog...

CLEO/LFW Innovation Award submissions due April 2nd


Washington, DC--The deadline for the CLEO/LFW Innovation Awards is April 2nd; don't miss your chance to maximize exposure for your CLEO exhibited products.

Highly sensitive fluorescence probe to evaluate potential risk for Parkinson’s disease and monitor its progression

03/03/2014 A team of researchers from National University of Singapore (NUS) has created the first two-photon, small-molecule fluorescent probe that can serve as a useful tool for the rapid assessment of an individual's potential risk for...

Machine vision sales in North America surged in 2013

03/03/2014 Ann Arbor, MI–According to the AIA, total sales of machine vision components and systems grew over 9% in 2013, more than double the initially forecasted growth. 

Quantum-mechanically linking two different semiconductors could create new nonlinear optical materials

03/03/2014 Ann Arbor, MI and New York, NY--Researchers at the University of Michigan and Queens College, City University of New York are using photons to create quantum-mechanical links between organic and inorganic semiconductors in an o...

Seidel aberrations characterized for Gabor superlens

02/28/2014 A compound lens consists of an array of lenslets, similar to the type of eye optics that insects have; a Gabor superlens (GSL) is a type of compound lens in which all the images created by the lenslets in an array coincide to c...

Nontoxic QD red phosphor leads to high-quality warm-white LEDs


Researchers at LumiSands and the University of Washington have developed a QD-based red phosphor that combines the qualities of good color rendering, low cost, and low toxicity.

Photon recoil spectroscopy sheds new light on matter interactions


Braunschweig, Germany--PTB and Leibniz University Hannover researchers have significantly extended quantum logic spectroscopy in a new method called photon-recoil spectroscopy (PRS).

Software improves IR image interpretation


Designed to accompany thermal imaging products from Teletherm Infrared, ThermReview infrared (IR) image-processing software improves thermal image interpretation in multiple ways, according to the company.

Spectroscopy method IDs, quantifies molecular species in real time


An international team of scientists has developed a real-time identification and quantification method for molecules.

FELIX free-electron laser helps image peptides in far-infrared

FELIX free-electron laser helps image peptides in far-infrared

02/28/2014 Nijmegen and Amsterdam, The Netherlands--Chemists from Radboud University Nijmegen and the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) have produced detailed 3D structures of selected peptides (the building blocks of pr...

Rofin acquires FiLaser's assets including laser cutting technology


Rofin will secure all of the IP of FiLaser, which has developed laser process technology used for precision cutting and drilling of brittle materials.

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