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Resonators: Moving photonics cause singular Fabry-Perot resonance


Fabry-Perot resonator elements that move relative to one another can lead to a perfect phase and amplitude balance, causing an ideal resonance condition despite material absorption and nonideal reflectivities.

Optical Filters: Optical filter performance keeps improving-measurement techniques must keep pace

01/16/2015 Measuring the new generation of steep bandpass filters with bandwidths less than 1 nm tests the resolution capabilities of instrumentation; more credible measurements in these high-performance regimes are now required to advanc...

Lasers for Biophotonics: Lasers meet changing demands of biomedical applications

01/16/2015 Fluorescence detection techniques for applications such as cytometry, microscopy, and sequencing continue to advance with support from evolving laser sources such as optically pumped semiconductor lasers, which provide a range ...

Components for Fiber Optics: Advanced manufacturing techniques benefit fiber-optic components


Fiber lensing techniques, end cap technology, tapers, multicore fiber fan-outs, fiber combiners, mode field adapters, and overcladding all benefit from versatile new optical fiber processing technologies.

Fiber for Remote Sensing: Downhole sensing applications enhanced by specialty optical fibers

01/16/2015 Distributed temperature sensing (DTS) is the most common use of optical fiber-based sensors in oil recovery; the fibers are highly specialized and must withstand the high-temperature, hydrogen-rich environments found in oil wel...

Optical Design: Advanced thin-film software techniques improve design-to-fabrication workflow


New coating-design algorithms automatically produce designs suitable for real-life monitoring techniques and deposition processes, while retaining the coating's excellent spectral properties.

Ultraviolet LEDs: UVC LEDs enable cost-effective spectroscopic instruments


The traditional light sources used in UV spectroscopy can, for some uses, be replaced by LEDs, greatly reducing both capital and operating costs.

Photonics Products: High-power Laser-Diode Arrays: Diode arrays are compact, high-power light dynamos


With their high-power density, high efficiency, and long life, laser-diode arrays are the essential light source for materials processing, laser pumping, and other applications.

Protein corona of firefly luciferase around a CdSe quantum dot

Quantum dot, activated by light, reveals how protein corona forms

01/16/2015 Using a cadmium selenide (CnSe) quantum dot (quantum dots are used in in vivo imaging of tumor cells, detection of biomolecules, and measurement of pH changes, among other bioimaging applications), researchers at Syracuse Unive...

Photonic Frontiers: Optics: Looking back/Looking forward: A transformation of optical components

01/16/2015 Half a century ago, optics were polished glass lenses with spherical shapes. Now we also have molded plastic and glass aspheres and a variety of infrared and UV materials. Tomorrow we're looking for versatile broadband optical ...

Laser Marketplace 2015: Lasers surround us in the Year of Light

01/16/2015 International initiatives like IYL 2015, NPI, Horizon 2020, the BRAIN, and IP-IMI can only help reinforce what our industry already knows: Lasers play a significant role in our daily lives and will only become more prevalent as...

MIT algorithm unscrambles fractured images


Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have unveiled an algorithm that reconstructs an image comprised of tiny fractured pieces of its original form.

Cold-ablation ultrashort-pulse laser machining system, result of European collaboration, brought into operation

Cold-ablation ultrashort-pulse laser machining system, result of European collaboration, brought into operation

01/15/2015 Industrial laser applications specialist Agora (Geleen, Netherlands), laser-machining systems maker Lunovu (Aachen, Germany) and applied-research center Cewac (Saint-Jean, Belgium) have developed a novel ultrashort-pulse (USP) ...

Surrounded by light


The UN designation of 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies provides an excellent framework for highlighting the role and value of light in the world at large.

Photonics for hunters: mile-range optically guided rifles, around-the-corner digital glasses, self-illuminated sights

Photonics for hunters: mile-range optically guided rifles, around-the-corner digital glasses, self-illuminated sights


Hunters and shooting enthusiasts now have more photonics-enabled equipment than ever to choose from, including a computer- and optics-aided "tag and shoot" rifle with a range of a mile.

Bioptigen receives $458,000 to advance intraoperative OCT system development

01/14/2015 Bioptigen has been awarded a Strategic Growth Loan from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center (NCBiotech) totaling $458,000 to support development of the company's intraoperative optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging sys...

Kateeva partners with Sumitomo Chemical on RGB OLED inkjet printing

01/14/2015 Kateeva and Sumitomo Chemical announced a partnership to match Sumitomo's inks with Kateeva's inkjet printing equipment platform to make it easier for display manufacturers to deploy inkjet-printed RGB OLEDs for large-size TVs....

Tiny laser-switched magnetic structures could produce better hard drives


Paul Scherrer Institute researchers have succeeded in switching tiny, magnetic structures using laser light that could enable faster, more compact, and more efficient data storage.

Photonic-crystal nanolaser biosensor uses detection of surface charge to simplify DNA detection

Photonic-crystal nanolaser biosensor uses detection of surface charge to simplify DNA detection


A photonic-crystal nanolaser biosensor developed by a group at Yokohama National University (Yokohama, Japan) detects the adsorption of biomolecules based on the laser's wavelength shift.

Syndiant to supply LCOS microdisplay engine for HD laser picoprojector


Liquid crystal on silicon microdisplay manufacturer Syndiant teamed up with laser-based optical engine development company Cremotech to develop a picoprojector engine for display applications.


Eulitha delivers photolithography system to Chinese photonics-production company

Eulitha delivers photolithography system to Chinese photonics-production company


Eulitha (Würenlingen, Switzerland), developer of the Phable (photonics enabler) photolithographic technology, has delivered its PhableR 100 system to a China based manufacturer of specialty optical components.

3.2 gigapixel camera for Large Synoptic Survey Telescope gets critical approval from DOE

3.2 gigapixel camera for Large Synoptic Survey Telescope gets critical approval from DOE

01/12/2015 At the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (Menlo Park, CA), plans for the 3200-megapixel centerpiece of the camera for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) have reached a major milestone: the plan...

Spectroscopy method helps decode protein used in optogenetics


Researchers at Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) and colleagues in Germany used a spectroscopy technique to help shed light upon the mode of action of the channelrhodopsin-2 protein with high spatiotemporal resolution.

Quantum computing gets boost from MIT on-chip single-photon detector arrays

01/10/2015 A team of researchers has built an on-chip array of light detectors sensitive enough to register the arrival of individual photons; such arrays are crucial components of devices that use photons to perform quantum computations.

Sheaumann Laser acquires Axcel Photonics


Privately held Sheaumann Laser has acquired Axcel Photonics, a sister company, in a stock and cash transaction effective January 1, 2015. 



Quantum Cascade Lasers: Market Analysis and Forecast 2015

Quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) are semiconductor lasers that are especially good at emi...

Ultrafast Lasers: Market Analysis and Forecast 2015

Ultrafast lasers composed of Ti:sapphire have existed for over 30 years now. This repo...


AFL Acquires AFC Group

05/27/2015 AFC, a leading manufacturer, designer and integrator of fiber optic and copper communication solu...

AFL's Enterprise Services Division Recognized for Safety

05/27/2015 AFL was honored and two locations received a Gold Award for safety.

AFL Associates Receive Patent Awards

05/27/2015 Two AFL associates receive Patent awards for their innovations which enhance technologies for cer...

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