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Oxford Instruments acquires Andor, expands into nano-bio arena


Abingdon, England--Andor will continue to focus on growing their existing core markets and will spearhead Oxford Instruments' strategic expansion into the nano-bio arena.

Real-time in vivo molecular diagnostic system diagnoses precancerous tissues during endoscopy

02/12/2014 A team of researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has developed an in vivo molecular diagnostic system clinically proven for diagnosing precancerous tissue in the gastrointestinal tract during endoscopic exa...

LLNL awards contracts for the petawatt laser system for the ELI Beamlines facility

02/11/2014 Livermore, CA--Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has awarded subcontracts to Femtolasers Produktions and Lasertel for the HAPLS, being built for the European (ELI Beamlines science facility in the Czech Republic.

James C. Wyant gifts $10M for UA graduate student scholarships


Tucson, AZ--The University of Arizona's College of Optical Sciences has received a $10 million gift for graduate student scholarships from Professor Emeritus James C. Wyant.

U.S. clinical trial for Zeiss microinvasive laser vision correction technology expands

02/11/2014 Two years after its international launch, the small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) procedure developed by Zeiss has been used to treat more than 80,000 eyes worldwide, and has received FDA approval for an expanded U.S. c...
Avo Photonics and Weatherford create deep-downhole photometer

Avo Photonics and Weatherford create deep-downhole photometer

02/10/2014 Horsham, PA--Avo Photonics, in collaboration with an optical-sensor group at oil and natural-gas service company Weatherford International (Geneva, Switzerland), has designed and validated the performance of a downhole multicha...

Jenoptik achieves revenue of 600M euros in FY2013


Jenoptik says revenue increased ~3% over the prior year and anticipates revenue growth of between 5 to 10% for FY2014.

Michelson Diagnostics places volume purchase order for Axsun Technologies' swept-laser engines


Michelson Diagnostics has placed a volume purchase order for swept-laser optical coherence tomography (OCT) engines from Axsun Technologies a subsidiary of Volcano Corporation.

SUNY nanosheets could radically improve low-light imaging


Albany, NY--SUNY CNSE researchers have developed ultrathin "nanosheets" that could make blurry nighttime pictures a thing of the past.

Scanners: Three-axis laser scanning technology improves demanding materials processing applications


Post-objective, three-axis, all-digital laser scanning systems provide the large field of view, small spot size, high speed, and high accuracy that next-generation remote laser material processing applications require.

Test and Measurement: MRF fabricates 'perfectly bad' surfaces


Magnetorheological finishing (MRF) can be used to modify and characterize a surface in an optical system so that it is "perfectly bad," or precisely compensating for all other system wavefront errors.

Photonic Frontiers: Extreme Fiber Bandwidth: The quest for extreme fiber bandwidth


Innovations in data encoding are pushing fiber transmission efficiency close to Shannon's limit -- going beyond will require multipath transmission using multiple cores or multiple modes in few-mode fibers.

Scientific Imaging: A guide to choosing and using scientific imaging cameras

02/10/2014 Just like any other tool, having a bit of insight into how scientific imaging cameras work in the context of the project at hand -- from the simplest brightfield application to the most complex computational imaging project -- ...

Ultrafast Lasers: High-harmonic-generation spectroscopy is extended to new types of molecules

02/10/2014 High-order harmonic generation, a revolutionary tool for studying electronic and nuclear dynamics and molecular structure, is now being extended to new molecular species by optimizing pulse-duration diagnostics and pulse-compre...

Photonics Applied: Laser Additive Manufacturing: How does additive manufacturing 'stack up' against subtractive methods?

02/09/2014 While metal and polymer components fabricated using laser additive manufacturing (LAM) are becoming commonplace for jewelry and dental implants, companies are racing to improve the functional integrity of more sophisticated LAM...
Coherent creates piezoelectric thin-film detector that outdoes photodiodes and thermopiles for high-speed laser measurement

Coherent creates piezoelectric thin-film detector that outdoes photodiodes and thermopiles for high-speed laser measurement

02/07/2014 Santa Clara, CA--At SPIE Photonics West 2014 (1 to 6 Feb. 2014; San Francisco, CA), Coherent, Inc. introduced a high-speed, large-area, damage-resistant thin-film optical detector that is not a photodiode, and, according to Mag...

Healthcare, manufacturing, security, and 3D display tools among 2014 Prism Award winners

02/07/2014 San Francisco, CA--On the evening of February 5, 2014, nine companies were recognized for their outstanding new products in the annual Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation, held in conjunction with SPIE Photonics West 2014.

Lincoln Electric, Case Western Reserve team on additive manufacturing benchmarking


In this second-round funding by America Makes, the team will test generating structural parts with titanium alloys and functional surfaces with nickel-based alloys.

Rofin Sinar says 1Q14 sales down 15% over 1Q13


Laser product sales for macro applications increased 1% to $49.1M, and sales of lasers for marking and micro apps decreased by 27% to $56M in the 1Q.

Verisante launches rapid Raman spectroscopy system for cancer research, other markets


Cancer detection technology developer Verisante has launched its VRS rapid Raman spectroscopy system designed for skin and lung cancer detection and research, among other research areas.

BUSINESS FORUM: Getting investor attention


Here, I interview John Dexheimer, president of LightWave Advisors, who has advised over 100 financings or partnerships in photonics, Internet/software, communications, and electronics.

EOS and Airbus Group Innovations eco-assess aerospace 3D printing


Study reveals that direct metal laser sintering has the potential to build light, sustainable parts vs. a conventional casting process.

Photodetector nanotechnology enables photos in low-light conditions, with use in medical imaging applications

02/05/2014 Dark and blurry low-light photos could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) scientists who have developed ultrathin "nanosheets" that could dramatically impro...

IMRA America and Trumpf announce picosecond fiber laser business partnership


Within this partnership, IMRA licenses Trumpf to use the relevant patents to manufacture fiber lasers within the picosecond field of use.

Laser market to exceed $11B by 2017, says Strategies Unlimited

02/04/2014 Mountain View, CA--Strategies Unlimited has released its annual market research report, "The Worldwide Market for Lasers," which foresees revenue growth of 4.9% from 2012 to 2017 for the total laser market, bolstered ...

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