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Photonic Frontiers: Rugged Battlefield Lasers: Ruggedizing high-energy lasers for the battlefield

07/08/2014 Solid-state lasers have reached the 100 kW class, and demonstrated that they can shoot down militarily important targets. The next challenge is to harden laser systems enough to withstand the rigors of operating in warplanes, o...

Optical Manufacturing: Femtosecond-laser direct-written waveguides produce quantum circuits in glass


Integrated photonics can be written in glass via nonlinear absorption by focusing a short-pulse-duration laser into the glass; quantum-integrated-photonics (QIP) devices are being fabricated using this technique.

The art and science of forecasting


In a recent blog posted on, Strategies Unlimited analyst Allen Nogee noted that 2014 total laser sales are looking up, and some of the laggard areas are starting to correct themselves.

Narrow-Linewidth Lasers: Single-frequency VECSEL puts out 23 W


Researchers in Germany have developed a single-frequency, single-transverse-mode VECSEL that has a continuous-wave (CW) output of 23.6 W at 1013 nm.

Early ECOC brief: 1060 nm VCSEL-based optical data communication link operates at 30 Gbit/s

07/08/2014 A paper to be presented at ECOC by researchers from VI Systems GmbH (Berlin, Germany), the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU; Lyngby, Denmark) will describe the demo of ...

OLED and LED Optics: PixClear improves light extraction in OLEDs and LEDs

07/08/2014 Recognizing the opportunity for significant improvements in OLED output, Pixelligent has developed PixClear, a nanocrystalline synthesis and surface-modification technology that can be incorporated into many polymer and monomer...

Digilab, Insion enter U.S. distribution agreement for single-chip microspectrometers

07/08/2014 Sample prep and analysis tools developer Digilab and miniaturized spectral sensors maker Insionhave entered into an agreement in which Digilab now has exclusive U.S. distribution rights for Insion's ultraviolet/visible (UV/VIS)...
Optical absorption straightens the path of light in diffusing materials

Optical absorption straightens the path of light in diffusing materials

07/07/2014 In a study partly funded by the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM Foundation; Utrecht, The Netherlands), physicists from the University of Twente (Enschede, The Netherlands) and Yale University (New Haven, CT) ...

IR Imaging: Thin silicon Fresnel lens enables inexpensive thermal-IR imaging


A group of French researchers has designed and fabricated a type of small, thin silicon (Si) Fresnel lens that can simplify compact thermal infrared (IR) cameras and make them lower in cost.

QD Laser wins IEEE Photonics Society award for commercializing quantum dot lasers

07/07/2014 IEEE Photonics Society has awarded the 2014 Aron Kressel Award to QD Laser for pioneering contributions to the development of temperature-insensitive quantum dot (QD) lasers, and their commercialization and mass-production for ...

Lidar: Single-photon lidar yields rapid topographic and bathymetric coverage

07/07/2014 The primary technical goal of Sigma’s recently introduced, self-funded, moderate-altitude high-resolution quantum lidar system (HRQLS; pronounced Hercules) is to allow large areas to be mapped quickly while still permitting the...

Gold nanocone becomes nonlinear optical point light source


Physicists from the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen in Germany have fabricated subwavelength gold nanocones that serve as nonlinear optical devices.

NIST developing skin-reflectance standards for hyperspectral imaging


After a successful non-human trial, NIST researchers have started gathering data on how human skin looks under various wavelengths of light in order to develop these badly needed standards.

Single-pixel optical system with compressive sensing enables deeper tissue imaging


A team of researchers has developed a single-pixel optical system based on compressive sensing that can overcome the fundamental limitations imposed by light scattering and, hence, enable deeper penetration through tissue.

Omnidirectional AR coating for solar cell designed via ant-colony algorithm


Researchers at the Beijing University of Technology are optimizing three-layer broadband optical antireflection (AR) coatings for silicon using what is called an ant colony algorithm (ACA).

Blue-laser projection module with 20 chips emits 50 W

07/03/2014 In the interests of boosting the power of blue-emitting laser sources for projection while at the same time reducing their complexity, Osram Opto Semiconductors has unveiled a small laser module containing 20 blue-laser chips t...

University of Leeds terahertz researchers win 2014 Faraday Award


Professor Giles Davies and Edmund Linfield of the University of Leeds have won the 2014 Faraday Medal for outstanding contributions to experimental physics.

Nonlinear thin-film optical mirror frequency-doubles low-power light reflected from it

Nonlinear thin-film optical mirror frequency-doubles low-power light reflected from it

07/03/2014 Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) and the Technische Universität München (Germany) have created a thin-film semiconductor structure combined with a plasmonic metasurface that produces a nonlinear opti...
Single-mode hollow-core UV optical fibers well-suited for many types of spectroscopy

Single-mode hollow-core UV optical fibers well-suited for many types of spectroscopy

07/02/2014 Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light (MPL; Erlangen, Germany) and the QUEST Institute, based at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB; Braunschweig, Germany), have created and tested UV mi...

Heuristically optimized SOI grating couplers have low loss

07/02/2014 Rather than trying to create a grating coupler based on a certain principle, researchers at Technische Universität Berlin and IHP GmbH  are using two “metaheuristic” search methods (particle swarm and genetic algorithms) t...

WORIC etalon-based laser has 40 nm mode-hop-free tuning range

07/02/2014 A new tunable design from the Wireless Optoelectronic Research & Innovation Centre (WORIC) at the University of South Wales uses an etalon-based design that enables the tuning of etalon-transmission-peak wavelength and lase...

New optical fibers distribute light like miniature neon tubes


Fibrance is the term coined by Corning Incorporated for its new optical fibers that distribute a variety of wavelengths of light evenly along their length, much like very tiny and flexible neon tubes.

Laser Components Group acquires majority of pyroelectric detector maker Microwatt Applications

07/01/2014 As of July 2014, Laser Components Group has expanded its infrared detector activities by acquiring the majority ownership of U.S.-based manufacturer, Microwatt Applications (Stuart, FL).

Amplitude set to acquire Continuum Lasers

07/01/2014 Ultrafast laser maker Amplitude (which encompasses Amplitude Technologies and Amplitude Systèmes) has entered into a definitive agreement with Continuum Lasers—a deal in which it will acquire the company from its current owner,...

IEEE Photonics Society 2014 Summer Topical Meeting series to focus on 'Functional Material Integration & Optical Systems'

06/30/2014 The IEEE Photonics Society's Summer Topicals Meeting series covers emerging topics in photonics science, technology and applications. The conference is unique in that the topics are chosen by members of the IEEE Photonics Socie...


Fiber Lasers: Market Review and Forecast 2014

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