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Guide to High-Power Fiber Lasers

Advances in active and passive fibers, as well as in pumping techniques, have driven fiber-laser technology to the point where a researcher or industrial eng...

Understanding Polarization and Optical Coatings

Light is an electromagnetic wave, but, at optical frequencies, it is its electric field that interacts with materials, with the direction of the electric fie...

New Scan Head For Processing With High Speed Lasers

A brief but thorough overview with actual demonstration of the technology and specifications of a new Polygon scan head with integrated Galvanometers to proc...

Technical Digests

Thin films on filters and mirrors advance optical system designs

Sputter coatings for laser mirrors and dichroic filters offer advantages over traditional coating...
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Financial News


Quantum Cascade Lasers: Market Analysis and Forecast 2015

Quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) are semiconductor lasers that are especially good at emi...

Ultrafast Lasers: Market Analysis and Forecast 2015

Ultrafast lasers composed of Ti:sapphire have existed for over 30 years now. This repo...


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Dr. Masao Horiba, founder and Supreme Counsel of HORIBA, Ltd. has died

07/27/2015 Irvine, California: With great sadness, HORIBA, Ltd. announces the death of the company founder ...

High Temperature Resistant, Optically Clear, Two Part Epoxy Meets NASA Low Outgassing Requirements

07/23/2015 Widely used for applications in the aerospace, electronic and OEM industries, Master Bond EP121CL...

AFL Receives BB&T Lighthouse Beam Occupational Safety Award

07/20/2015 AFL was awarded the BB&T Lighthouse Beam Occupational Safety Award for the fourth year in a row.

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