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Featuring the 5kW Single Mode Ytterbium Fiber Laser

IPG’s multikilowatt single-mode fiber lasers are robust, compact, nearly defraction-limited, have high wall-plug efficiency, random polarization, and large bandwidth. IPG’s line of single mode fiber lasers, perfect for high speed printing, engraving, sintering, marking, controlled bending, spot welding, keyhole seam welding, annealing, soldering, ceramic scribing, silicon cutting, precision cutting, and high-speed drilling.
IPG Photonics • (p) 508-373-1100 • (f) 508-373-1103


Free Catalog For Your Optics Library

Rolyn’s new catalog gives you instant access to 130 pages of product information for your off-the-shelf optics needs. Compare Rolyn’s prices and deliveries for a pleasant surprise.
If you’re in a rush, FAX (626) 915-1379, or phone (626) 915-5707.
Rolyn Optics
706 Arrowgrand Circle
Covina, CA 91722-2199




Quartz-to-Metal Seal Assemblies

Quartz-to-metal seal assemblies permit the design of smaller, higher performance lasers, sight windows, ultra high-wattage lamps and electro-optical components. See the standard line of ultra high vacuum windows, standard moly quartz seals and flange mounted moly quartz seals, at
Bomco, Inc.
125 Gloucester Ave., Gloucester, MA 01930-2294
(p) 978-283-9000, (f) 978-283-2882,


Miniature, Regulated, High Voltage Power Supplies

Now up to 8kV @ 1 watt!
Low Ripple
0 to 100% Programmable output
High Stability, typically < 50 PPM/°C
Very Low EMI/RFI
SteelProven Reliability, MTBF: >2.6 million hr.
Rugged Design
New options
RoHS Compliant
Low Outgassing Epoxy
EMCO High Voltage Corporation
(p) 800-546-3680



Static-Free, Nano Clean, Mega Protected

New Conductive First Contact™ safely cleans and protects delicate CCD and CMOS without ESD. Cleans substrates before thin film deposition. Cleans lenses, mirrors, gratings and phase masks. Protects during storage and shipping.

New Static-Free Formulation
Easy application
Easy removal
Eliminate re-contamination

The Cleaning and Protection System
Photonic Cleaning Technologies
(p) 1-608-467-5396


New – UV and NIR LaserCam™-HR Beam Diagnostic Cameras

The LaserCam-HR-UV and LaserCam-HR-InGaAs extend the LaserCam family of beam diagnostic cameras down into the deep UV and up to 1700 nm. Both cameras are USB 2.0 compatible, very compact, and operate with BeamView™-USB software. New features include Vista 32-bit compatibility, flat top beam analysis, user adjustable integration, and report generation.
(p) 800-527-3786
E-mail: (Keyword: LaserCamHR)


Low Noise Laser Diode Control

The LDTCxx20 family integrates laser diode drive and temperature control in an easy-to-use, compact package.
Very low noise coupled with extensive protection circuitry (limits, slow start, brownout, etc.) makes this controller ideal for high performance, cutting edge applications.
For over 15 years, Wavelength Electronics products have been backed by unlimited, free technical support.
Wavelength Electronics
51 Evergreen Drive
Bozeman, MT 59715


Find The Inventor In You

Optoform with a wide selection of concentric mounts from 25 to 150 mm in diameter, and over 600 Optome-chanical, Motorized, and illumination components can create your most complex setups. Please visit for a wide range of application notes, and Solid-works files. US, UK & Deutsche Patents.
AF Optical Inc
45268 Industrial Dr, Fremont, CA 94538



STEP 40 Temp Controlled Radiometer

Spectrum Detector has introduced a new line of Broadband, Flat Spectral Response Radiometers that feature a large area, TE cooled Pyroelectric Sensors and low noise amplifier. Measure from 0.1 to 15 um and 50 nW to 50 mW with NIST precision and traceability. Mate the STEP series to you IR Monochromator and Lock In Amplifier for accurate calibration of Infrared detectors.
Spectrum Detector, Inc.
5825 Jean Road Center
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
(p) 503-697-1870, (f) 503-697-0633


New – Fiber-based Industrial Laser

Introducing Talisker™ – the first fiber-based industrial laser delivering high peak power picosecond pulses with over 18 Watts of average power at a pulse repetition rate of 200 kHz. Talisker enables precision micromachining with high throughput and negligible HAZ – ideal for most micromachining applications including microelectronics, biomedical, semiconductor and solar device industries.
(p) 800-527-3786



Focal-πShaper – Beam Shaping near Focus

Refractive Focal-πShapers for manipulation of intensity profile of focused beams convert, with nearly 100% efficiency, a TEM00 laser beam into a beam which shape is optimized to create Flattop, “Donut”, “Reverse Gauss” and other intensity profiles near the focal plane of a focusing lens. As result, incredible efficiency of utilization of laser energy achieved; reduced HAZ, steep edges and accurate profiles of kerfs are provided. Important Focal-πShaper features: no internal focusing, similar input and output beam sizes, easy alignment, compactness, versions for near-IR, Visual, UV lasers. Applications: Marking, Scribing, Dicing, Micromachining, Drilling, Flow Cytometry, and many others.
MolTech GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29-31, 12489 Berlin, Germany
(p) +49-30-6779-8883, (f) +49-30-6392-6622


Over 5,000 Products With 5 Million in Stock

Affordable commercial quality optics are available for industrial/commercial, university and research applications. Anchor Optics has added 8 new Commercial Grade lines: Large PCX Condensers, Achromats, Elliptical Beamsplitters, Cube Beamsplitters, Concave Spherical Mirrors, Corner Cubes, Wedge Prisms and Equilateral Prisms. These optics are in-stock and available for immediate delivery. Anchor Optics also offers a complete line of experimental optics for prototyping and research applications. Anchor Optics is quickly becoming the preferred provider for Affordable Quality Optics. Anchor Optics is the optics alternative for industry, research and education. Free catalog.
Anchor Optics® – a division of Edmund Optics®
101 E. Gloucester Pike, Barrington, NJ 08007-1380
(p) 856-573-6865, (f) 856-546-1965



High Speed 3D Surface Metrology

The new High-Speed SurPhase® sensor from PhaseView allows very fast 3D measurement for the shop floor or in line production. Roughness with Ra below 1nm or profiles up to 400µm height can be measured in less than 1 second for 1M measurement points, with high accuracy and repeatability. This new 3D optical instrument comes in a smart light weight packaging, and is totally insensitive to vibrations for use in any industrial environment. PhaseView offers both turnkey and OEM version to ease integration in automated inspections systems.


Laser Drivers from 100mA to 20A

The Arroyo Instruments 4300 Series Laser Drivers provide up to 20 Amps of control current for low to medium power laser devices in a compact 2U, half rack enclosure. They feature excellent low noise, long term stability, and optically isolated inputs and outputs to avoid noise crosstalk and ground loops. Add in a high brightness VFD display, computer interfaces, and unparalleled ease of use, and these instruments are the best value for your instrumentation dollar.
Arroyo Instruments
(800) 644-0416


High Power 905 nm Epi-Stack Diode Lasers

The Series 2675 Epi-Stack are extremely high power, 905 nm short pulsed diode lasers capable of up to 75 W of peak power from a small 200 µm × 10 µm aperture. Each diode is a single, monolithic chip with three high efficiency, epitaxially grown emitters. The emitters are enclosed in a rugged, hermetically sealed, 5.6 mm (TO56) package. Ideal for defense and industrial markets such as LiDAR, range finding, ceilometers, and weapons simulation.
Intense Ltd.
4 Stanley Blvd., Hamilton International Technology Park
Blantyre, Glasgow G72 0BN, Scotland, UK,


Cambridge Technology Inc. All-Digital Scan Head Components.

The market leader in closed-loop, galvanometer based optical scanning components and controllers for applications including laser marking, engraving, drilling, machining, welding, biomedical, ophthalmology, DNA, confocal and OCT microscopy, laser projection. Cambridge Technology’s new ALL-DIGITAL products break through yesterday’s performance barriers enabling higher performing lower cost applications.
Cambridge Technology Inc.
25 Hartwell Avenue, Lexington, MA 02421 USA
(p) 781-541-1600 •



Jaz Handheld Optical Sensing Unit

Valuable real-time data can now be collected with Jaz, a handheld, field-portable analytical instrument from that combines the power of optical sensing with onboard computing power. Because of its size and versatility, Jaz is a convenient tool for collecting spectral data such as the spectral output and power of lasers.
Visit us at Photonex Booth D30
Ocean Optics Europe
(p) +31 26 3190500


Ultra Compact Lock-In Amplifier

FEMTO Messtechnik GmbH offers the LIA-MV-150 lock-in amplifier module. With a working frequency up to 45 kHz, adjustable sensitivity, phase and time-constant the unit is suited for various applications like spectroscopy, laser stabilization and automatic control loops. All functions can be controlled manually or through the remote interface. Its compact size of 17 cm × 6 cm × 4 cm and its attractive price make it the ideal replacement of bulky benchtop units in OEM and integrated applications.
FEMTO Messtechnik GmbH
Berlin, Germany, (p) +49-30-446-9386,



NEW – Pivoting Base

Designed to move a component in and out of the beam path.

Standard or metric hole pattern
40mm platform
High repeatability which minimizes beam deviation
Compatible mount to many optical holders
Black anodized aluminum

Call OptoSigma 949 851 5881 or
OptoSigma Corporation
2001 Deere Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92705
(p) 949-851-5881, (f) 949-851-5058,


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