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Siskiyou's SM-CFTx fiber coupler

Siskiyou's SM-CFTx fiber coupler uses the optical lever arm effect, and a diffraction-limited asphere, to make single mode coupling easier than ever. The basis of this design is our vibration-resistant OTX.5 series multi-axis optics positioner, which can take a 3G jolt without moving. 100 thread per inch (TPI) adjustment screws are used to ensure accurate sub-micron translation. The Y axis knob uses a unique capture screw design to ensure no drift due to overloading in that axis. For added stability, each SM-CFTx motion axis is fitted with a non-influencing axis lock, maintaining alignment in challenging environments.

Get the full details at • (877) 313-6418

CleanTop® Honeycomb Optical Top

TMC's industry-standard CleanTop® Optical Top provides the highest core-density and smallest honeycomb cell area in an all-steel construction. The spill-proof design is available in a full range of sizes and three damping levels. Non-magnetic, cleanroom- and vacuum-compatible tops are also available. TMC is a unit of AMETEK Ultra Precision Technologies.
AMETEK Ultra Precision Technology • (p) 800-542-9725

High Speed 2.0um Detectors

EOT is offering its ET-5000 series 2.0um photodetectors. These products feature a rise time of <35ps and a fall time of <35ps and an operating wavelength range of 900-2200nm, making them ideal for monitoring the output of Tm and Ho lasers. Models are available with free space or FC/PC input and include their own internal bias supply.
Electro-Optics Technology, Inc.

MedPac, a high power IR source with an aiming beam

Sheaumann's MedPac is great for medical and defense applications. It features two diodes, one consisting of a high power infrared source of 980 or 808nm, and the other a red aiming beam. The two diodes are individually addressable as well, allowing you to utilize both the aiming and high powered beam together or separately. The compact module can reach up to 7W of power out of a 980nm wavelength, 200μm aperture emitter. They are a fiber module with an internal thermistor, photodiode, and a detachable ST fiber connector. Please contact us for more information on this product.

Visible and Infrared Absorbers

Exciton's new absorbing dyes, or "absorbers," can provide selective or broadband light filtering throughout the visible and near infrared. Absorbers with relatively narrow absorption bands, such as those shown in the graph, filter out IR light with low visible color even at high optical densities. They can be used for selective laser wavelength filters and for security applications. Narrowband absorbers can be combined with visible light-absorbing dyes to create sharp cutoff, longpass filters. See our website for the latest information.
Exciton, Inc.
PO Box 31126, Dayton, OH 45437
(p) 937-252-2989, (f) 937-258-3937,

35W CS Mount: Higher Power Capabilities from One Chip

This 35W diode is designed to replace multiple-emitter arrays and bars while offering fiber-coupling and exceptional brightness. Our 975nm multimode product serves a wide range of applications, including solid state pumping, materials processing, medical, and defense. Please contact us for more information.

Visit us at Photonics West, Moscone Center Booth# 2510, San Francisco, CA February 2-7, 2013

Axcel Photonics, Inc.
45 Bartlett St., Marlborough, MA 01752 • (p) 508-481-9200 Email:

Pulse Selection System

CONOPTICS' PULSE PICKER allows you to select from single shot to 30MHz rep rate for mode locked lasers running as high as 100MHz. Low Temperal Dispersion, compatible with fsec pulses, no spatial dispersion. Optical transmission > 80%. Available for TI: Sapphire and OPO's 700 to 1600nm.
ConOptics, Inc.
19 Eagle Rd., Danbury, CT 06810 • (p) 800-748-3349

TracePro 7.3 Optical Design and Analysis Software

TracePro 7.3 features a fully automated interactive solar analysis utility. This new utility analyzes solar collector systems using dialogs to specify geographical location, period of sun travel, and user defined irradiance. Analysis output includes irradiance and candela maps, with total flux and efficiency over time on the target.
Lambda Research TracePro

Custom OEM Optics and Coatings

OptoSigma offers a wide selection of optical components ranging from simple lenses and mirrors to high power laser focusing lenses and beamsplitter cubes. We also offer a broad selection of prisms, windows, filters, polarizers and apertures. In addition to standard catalog offerings, OptoSigma can supply custom designs and OEM quantities.

Thin film coatings can be applied to catalog, custom or customer supplied optics. Reflective coatings can be applied to uncoated substrates to make mirrors, beam splitters, polarizers or filters. In addition to our wide variety of standard coatings, our coating engineers can design a custom coating to meet most requirements.

Ultralong Working Distance Motorized-Zoom Microscope

• Compact and lightweight zoom module
• 12× zoom range
• 500mm WD Low magnification model 0.23× - 2.74×
• 100mm WD High magnification model 1.25× - 15×
• Equipped with co-axial epi-illumination port
• Manual and Motorized models available

Galvo and Controller Combination Offers Infinite Field of View and >24-Bit Resolution

Aerotech's Nmark AGV advanced galvanometers use innovative optical feedback for resolution greater than 24 bits. The AGV is driven by Aerotech's Nmark CLS galvo controller, which offers a full suite of advanced application tools that include Position Synchronized Output (PSO) and Infinite Field of View (IFOV). The AGV is available with 10, 14, and 20 mm apertures with standard F-Theta lens interfaces to provide maximum application flexibility. The AGV can be configured to accommodate 1064, 532, and 355 nm wavelengths, with other wavelengths available. A variety of focal lengths are standard, with correction files provided to remove lens distortion effects.

Aerotech, Inc.

Fiber Laser Focusing Lenses

• Wide range of focal lengths and diameters
• Optimized to reduce the effect of thermal expansion by using all fused silica elements
• High performance Multi-Element lenses, suitable for focusing and collimating solid state lasers such as Yb fiber laser, YAG laser and YV04 laser
• Corrected for spherical aberration and coma @1064nm. Lens is diffraction limited for f# >2(NA < 0.25)

Precision Motorized Stages

• Open and Closed Loop congurations available
• Precision Ball Screw and Stepper Motor Drive make for a simple to use, high value system.
• Travel ranges from 10mm to 1500mm
• Micro Stepping drivers for sub-micron incremental motion

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