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High Energy QCW pumped DPSS
Laser Modules

NGCEO’s PowerPULSE™ laser modules are ideally suited for use in high energy pulsed lasers and as amplifiers — including for the amplification of laser pulse trains.
More than 80 standard module configurations are available with a choice of pump power (up to 240 laser diode bars) and gain media. PowerPULSE modules can deliver pulse energies of >4J @ 1.064 microns and small signal gains of more than 600. NGCEO’s hard solder (Golden Bullet™) diode laser packaging technology ensures long operating lifetimes of >20 billion shots.
Northrop Grumman – Cutting Edge Optronics • (p) 636-916-4900

Gongiometric Radiometer Measures Holographic Materials

Ophir Photonics Group, the global leader in precision laser measurement equipment, introduces the LD8900 Goniometric Radiometer for holographic materials measurement. With the LD8900’s unique design, it measures X-Y and 3D without moving either the detector or the source to characterize and confirm the divergence of light passing through holographic materials, such as those used for computer display screens, smartphones, and instrument panels.
Ophir Spiricon • (p) 866-755-5499

Polarization Maintaining Fiber Components

OZ Optics is the first and leading manufacturer for Polarization Maintaining Components & Test Equipment
Polarization Maintaining Patchcords, Splitters, Combiners, Fused PM Fiber Couplers, PM Fiber Directional Taps/Monitors, PM Fiber Optic 1x2 Switches, PM Fiber Isolators, Circulators, PM Fiber Faraday Rotators/Mirrors, All Fiber Manual or Electrically Driven, Polarization Controllers, Polarization Rotators/Analyzers, Polarization ER Meters, Highly Polarized Sources, PDL Emulators, Polarizers, Optical Delay Lines, PM Fiber Collimators/Focusers, PM Tapered/Lensed Fibers, Mode Field Adaptors, PM Fiber Hermetic Feedthrus, High Power PM Fiber Components.
OZ Optics

First Widely Tunable Short-Pulse
Ultrafast Laser

The new Vitara is the first widely tunable, ultrafast laser to deliver pulsewidths shorter than 12 fs, while also offering true hands-free and fully automated operation. Offering automated wavelength tuning over a wide (755 nm-860 nm) range, Vitara provides push-button bandwidth adjustment from 30 nm to 125 nm. The output power of over 450W is due to the fully integrated Verdi G 5W pump laser.
Coherent • (800) 527-3786

Pulse Selection System

CONOPTICS’ PULSE PICKER allows you to select from single shot to 30MHz rep rate for mode locked lasers running as high as 100MHz. Minimal dispersion, compatible with fsec pulses, no spatial dispersion. Optical transmission > 80%. Available for TI: Sapphire and OPO’s 700 to 1600nm.
ConOptics, Inc.
19 Eagle Rd., Danbury, CT 06810 • 800-748-3349 •

Machine Vision Diffuser Applications

Today’s advanced Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) platforms incorporate the latest high resolution cameras to detect and measure defects on surfaces ranging from silicon wafers to champagne bottles. Integral to this process are illumination systems that provide highly homogenized and precisely controlled illumination angles. Luminit diffusers enable both of these attributes with minimal transmission loss (8 to 15%) for either line scan or backlight applications.
Luminit’s elliptical diffusers are currently used in line scan applications while our circular diffusers are often used in backlight applications, resulting in more repeatable and accurate dimensional measurement of the part under inspection.

Announcing the Release of TracePro 7.1

TracePro 7.1 now features dramatic new 3D illuminance, CIE and true color maps displayed directly on curved and planar parts to show uniformity and color. The new ray path sorting feature in this version lists and displays every possible path that light can take in a design, a diagnostic tool to track down problematic paths both quantitatively and visually.
Lambda Research TracePro

Ensemble Multi-Axis, Stand-Alone Motion Controller

Aerotech’s Ensemble™ is a stand-alone, multi-axis (up to 10 axes) motion controller with high-speed communication through Ethernet or USB. Control brushless, brush, or stepper motors or stages in any combination. PWM and linear drives are available. Easy to use, affordable, multi-axis motion programming for laboratory experimentation, production testing, or advanced OEM manufacturing. Fully compatible with EPICS tools and applications.
Aerotech, Inc.

High Speed 2.0um Detectors

EOT is offering its ET-5000 series 2.0um photodetectors. These products feature a rise time of <35ps and a fall time of <35ps and an operating wavelength range of 900-2200nm, making them ideal for monitoring the output of Tm and Ho lasers. Models are available with free space or FC/PC input and include their own internal bias supply.
Electro-Optics Technology, Inc.

Cargille Laboratories

Cargille Labs, started in 1924, develops and manufactures Optical Liquids calibrated for Refractive Index for use throughout many laboratory disciplines involving microscopy and/or optics, ex: aerospace, telecommunications, particle identification, hematology, geology, testing labs, art conservation, etc. A Specialty Optical liquids catalog is available which includes typical optical & physical properties and comparative diagrams of glasses and optical liquids. Cargille’s other catalog includes data sheets on Disposable Beakers, Heavy Liquids, Immersion Oils, Refractive Index and Immersion Liquids, Plastic Boxes, Reference Sets, Sample Storage Systems, Micro Slide and Tissue File Boxes and Viscosity Tubes.
Cargille Laboratories
55 Commerce Road, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 USA
(p) 973-239-6633, (f) 973-239-6096

Custom OEM Optics and Coatings

OptoSigma offers a wide selection of optical components ranging from simple lenses and mirrors to high power laser focusing lenses and beamsplitter cubes. We also offer a broad selection of prisms, windows, filters, polarizers and apertures. In addition to standard catalog offerings, OptoSigma can supply custom designs and OEM quantities.
Thin film coatings can be applied to catalog, custom or customer supplied optics. Reflective coatings can be applied to uncoated substrates to make mirrors, beam splitters, polarizers or filters. In addition to our wide variety of standard coatings, our coating engineers can design a custom coating to meet most requirements.

Ultralong Working Distance Motorized-Zoom Microscope

• Compact and lightweight zoom module
• 12× zoom range
• 500mm WD Low magnification model 0.23× - 2.74×
• 100mm WD High magnification model 1.25× - 15×
• Equipped with co-axial epi-illumination port
• Manual and Motorized models available

Compact Laser Diode & Temp Control —
Now to 12.5 A

Both the Wavelength Electronics PLD Series Laser Diode Driver and the PTC Series Temperature Controller offer high precision control and excellent stability in a compact, chassis mount package. Advanced safety features include current limits, slow start, and ESD protection. Ideal for applications where stability is critical and space is tight.
Now available up to 12.5 A.
51 Evergreen Drive
Bozeman, MT 59715
Wavelength Electronics

Low Profile Motorized Actuator

• Direct replacement for standard micrometer heads (9.5mm or 3/8")
• 3 micron sensitivity
• 13mm travel
• Simple DC motor drive with current limit detection for end of travel
• Single handed manual operation
• Optional RS232C and USB interface

Fiber Laser Focusing Lenses

• Optimized to reduce the effects of thermal expansion at high power levels
• Suitable for solid state lasers such as Yb fiber laser, YAG laser and YV04 laser
• Optimized AR coating from 1040nm - 1150nm
• Diffraction limited at f# >2 (NA < 0.25)

New 2.94µm DPSS Laser Module

Sheaumann Laser offers the first commercially available, hermetically-sealed 2.94µm DPSS laser module. With a free-space CW output of up to 1.5W, it is the highest power that has been achieved from a compact and lightweight package. It has a typical TEM00 M2 value of 1.12 and beam divergence of 20mrad. A fiber-coupled version up to 1W is currently under development.

The rock solid alternative!

IXFti top-adjust flexure mounts for 0.5, 0.75 and 1-inch optics — latest addition to Siskiyou’s mirror mounts product line. Edge-mounted tip/tilt adjustments… perfect for limited access applications where face-adjustment is impossible. Integral split-clamp locks secure optics in position; while low-stiction 100-pitch threads offer finest adjustment. Made from single-piece spring steel and nickel-plated for corrosion resistance. Aluminum models with identical performance specifications are also available.
Get the full details at / 877-313-6418

EMCO High Voltage Establishes a New Standard in High Voltage Miniaturization

The A Series is a new line of ultra-miniature, DC to HV DC converters that set a new industry standard in high voltage miniaturization with a unique package occupying less than one tenth of a cubic inch of volume, and an extremely low profile of only 0.250 inches (6.35mm)! Controllable output voltages range from 100 volts to 6000 volts. These component-sized converters are ideal for applications requiring minimal size and weight.

Brightest in the world: 10W 200um 808nm Thick C mount!

Axcel Photonics is a semiconductor laser manufacturer specializing in making high power diode lasers. Our product lines include lasers for solid-state laser pumping, printing, medical and dental, telecommunication, imaging, laser display, and spectroscopy applications. The lasers are available as chips, chips on sub-mount, and packaged modules. All wavelengths (780–1070nm) come with an option of single or multi mode up to 35W of power.
Axcel Photonics

High Power Components

OZ Optics uses the latest in fiber and component manufacturing techniques to produce fiber products for high power lasers. Products with multiWatt capabilities are manufactured from both standard fibers and specialty fibers, such as double clad fibers, large mode area (LMA) fibers, and photonic crystal fibers.
Products include:
• High Power Isolators
• High Power Shutters and Safety Interlocks
• High Power Optical Tap/Power Monitors
• High Power/Temperature Fiber Optic Patchcords/Connectors
• High Power Collimators/Focusers
• High Power Combiners
• High Power Coatings
OZ Optics

Neo sCMOS camera

Andor’s Neo sCMOS camera platform is based on next-generation scientific (sCMOS) technology. Neo simultaneously offers ultralow noise, fast frame rates, a wide dynamic range, high resolution and a large field of view, overcoming the performance trade-offs associated with traditional scientific CCD detectors. Neo achieves 1 electron read noise while reading out 5.5 megapixels at 30 fps, and it can be pushed to 100 full fps, even faster with regions of interest, while maintaining 1.4.electron noise. It offers deep vacuum cooling down to -40°C, critical to maintaining the low noise advantage, and a minimal pixel blemish specification across all exposure conditions. The vacuum architecture enables a single window design for maximum photon throughput.
Andor Technology
Project partly financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the European Sustainable
Competitiveness Programme for Northern Ireland.

Visible and Infrared Absorbers

Exciton’s new absorbing dyes, or “absorbers,” can provide selective or broadband light filtering throughout the visible and near infrared. Absorbers with relatively narrow absorption bands, such as those shown in the graph, filter out IR light with low visible color even at high optical densities. They can be used for selective laser wavelength filters and for security applications. Narrowband absorbers can be combined with visible light-absorbing dyes to create sharp cutoff, longpass filters. See our website for the latest information.
Exciton, Inc.
PO Box 31126, Dayton, OH 45437
(p) 937-252-2989, (f) 937-258-3937,

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