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Fiber polisher from Krell processes bare fibers and maintains precise angle geometries


The Radian Polisher can process bare fibers while maintaining precise angle geometries.

VI Systems offers 12x25G parallel optical test boards


VI Systems GmbH has introduced its second generation of 12-channel parallel optical transmitter and receiver test boards for short-reach data communication up to 300 Gbps. The VHXT6212A-840 is designed for test environments with optical interconnects over distances up to 300 m.

Telecom and datacom laser-diode supplier BinOptics bought by MACOM for $230 million

Telecom and datacom laser-diode supplier BinOptics bought by MACOM for $230 million


M/A-COM (Lowell, MA; Nasdaq:MTSI), also known as MACOM, has acquired indium phosphide (InP) laser-diode maker BinOptics (Ithaca, NY) for $230 million in cash. MACOM makes radio-frequency (RF), microwave, and millimeter-wave products.


MACOM to add laser technology via BinOptics acquisition


M/A-COM Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: MTSI) (MACOM) has agreed to acquire InP laser developer BinOptics Corp. for $230 million in cash. MACOM expects to close the deal during its first fiscal quarter of 2015 (which ends January 2, 2015), subject to customary closing conditions, including expiration of the waiting period under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act.

Oplink Communications headquarters in Fremont, CA

Fiber optics maker Oplink Communications acquired by Koch Industries


Koch Industries is acquiring fiber optics component maker Oplink Communications in an all-cash transaction for approximately $445 million; Molex will manage Oplink.

Fiber sensor interrogator from Aniber operates at a typical wavelength of 835 to 875 nm


The AN-FSI-800A fiber sensor interrogator is a device for measuring the output of up to 20 passive fiber sensors simultaneously at a sampling rate of 250 Hz.

Nanowire inside a nanocavity efficiently frequency-doubles light

Nanowire inside a nanocavity efficiently frequency-doubles light


University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA) scientists have placed cadmium sulfide (CdS) nanowires in silver nanocavities to produce nanoscopic nonlinear second-harmonic-generation optical devices; the silver nanocavities boost the efficiency of the nonlinear process (frequency-doubling 950 nm to 475 nm) by more than a factor of 1000.

Ion doping makes chalcogenide glass a light emitter and detector as well as a light guide


Researchers from the University of Surrey (Guildford, England), the University of Southampton (Southampton, England), and the University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK) have figured out how to change the electronic properties of amorphous chalcogenide glasses, which are naturally p-type semiconductors.

Novel Optical Fibers: Embedded gold nanowires enable optical-fiber plasmonics


Planar nanophotonic devices such as waveguides or plasmonic structures often suffer from high insertion loss and, in the case of fiber-optic networks, require complex coupling of the physical planar structure to a cylindrical optical fiber.

Business Forum: The study of energy and sustainability reveals many opportunities in photonics


I interviewed Professor Harry Atwater Jr. of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) because of the Institute's reputation for scientific and technical excellence. He is the Howard Hughes Professor of Applied Physics and Material Science and Director of the Resnick Institute for Science, Energy and Sustainability.

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