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JDSU management details split, M&A possibilities


Management at JDSU (NASDAQ: JDSU) promised attendees of an analyst meeting September 11 that the independent communications and commercial optical products (CCOP) company it plans to spin out by the third quarter of 2015 will be debt free and adequately stocked with cash. Yet management left several questions unanswered – or at least not answered to the satisfaction of the audience. A principle area of dissatisfaction: the apparent unwillingness of either new company to be market consolidators.

BinOptics launches 25G CWDM lasers for 100G interconnection


BinOptics Corp. has announced the availability of 25G lasers at four wavelengths (1270, 1290, 1310, and 1330 nm), which combine to be suitable for 100G in data center networks through course wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM).

500 GHz photon switch is based on subnanometer-scale-engineered optical fiber

500 GHz photon switch is based on subnanometer-scale-engineered optical fiber


Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have built the first 500 GHz photon switch, an approach made possible by advances in the control of a strong optical beam using only a few photons, and by the scientists' ability to engineer the optical fiber itself with accuracy down to the molecular level.

JDSU to split in two


JDSU announced after trading closed September 10 its intention to split its optical components and test and measurement businesses into two publicly traded companies. The move would save approximately $50 million in combined expenses and allow the two business units greater flexibility, company management asserts.

Business Forum: A society for the optical science ecosystem


This is the fourth in a series of interviews with leaders of our professional societies. I interviewed Liz Rogan, CEO of The Optical Society  (OSA), because this professional society is a vital part of our industry’s infrastructure.

Fiber For Fiber Lasers: Kagome PC fiber goes to extremes for ultrashort-pulse lasers


Ultralow-loss, robust single-mode operation for an ultrashort-pulse laser with 1 mJ pulse energy and intensity nearing petawatts per square centimeter is demonstrated using hypocycloid-shaped-core kagome photonic-crystal fiber.

Market Insights: Entering the Chinese photonics market


Over the past few decades, I have helped found companies in many parts of the world, including Taiwan, Japan, and China.

Long on the cutting edge


When talking about advanced manufacturing, politicians seem to be thinking of futuristic factories or half-understood new systems. Conversely, when the industrial laser community talks about advanced manufacturing, it's talking about the tools it has been making and using for decades-the tools just keep getting better.

Silver nanowires guide electricity and light in nanophotonic circuits


Scientists describe a nanophotonic circuit consisting of a silver nanowire and a single-layer flake of molybdenum disulfide that can efficiently guide electricity and light along the wire--a step towards building computer chips operating at the speed of light.

Finisar buys gratings provider LightSmyth Technologies


While discussing Finisar’s first quarter 2015 performance and lukewarm second quarter expectations (see "Finisar predicts revenue growth run to end this quarter"), company management revealed that they had acquired privately held LightSmyth Technologies. Eugene, OR-based LightSmyth provides gratings and offers fabrication services based on its nanophotonics expertise.

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