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Canadian government provides more than $20M funding for photonics-based projects


Canadian government funding of $26.8 million Canadian dollars has been set aside to develop clean technologies in Ontario, Canada.

Business Forum: Best practices from Switzerland— Photonics and otherwise


This month I interview the husband–wife team of Professor Ursula Keller and Dr. Kurt Weingarten.

Higher-order fiber modes increase optical force for particle trapping


OIST Graduate University researchers have demonstrated a more robust method for controlling single, micron-sized particles with light.

Fiber-optic sensors are monitored 253 km away without amplification


Such sensors are useful for monitoring concrete and asphalt, as well as oil pipelines.

Multimode fiber from Fibercore is designed for use in harsh environments


Graded-index, pure-silica-core multimode fiber is designed for use in harsh environments, such as those encountered in the oil and gas industry.

Skorpios states case for silicon photonics at OFC


Silicon photonics focused startup Skorpios Technologies, Inc. is using OFC 2015 to demonstrate its progress in leveraging its Skorpios Template Assisted Bonding (STAB) process to create both systems on a chip as well as transceiver products.

Next-gen optical fiber trial successful; Infinera PIC extends its reach


Infinera and BICS completed an extended laboratory trial of QPSK, 8 QAM, and 16QAM transmission over OFS Terawave large area/low loss (LA/LL) fiber that is optimized for terrestrial cables.

Micro-integrated coherent receiver from NeoPhotonics targets pluggable modules, line cards


NeoPhotonics Corp. (NYSE: NPTN) has extended its line of modules and components for 100G and 400G coherent transmission with a micro-integrated coherent receiver (Micro-ICR) designed to the OIF-DPC-MRX-02.0, Type 1 implementation agreement. Its small size makes it suitable for coherent CFP2 Analog Coherent Optics (CFP2-ACO) optical transceivers as well as high-density line cards, NeoPhotonics says.

LASER World of Photonics—don’t miss it


Every two years, Munich hosts an inspiring international trade fair and a technical conference that together draw over 1100 exhibitors and 25,000 researchers and professionals in lasers and optics.


Dual micro-ITLA now sampling from Oclaro


Optical component and subsystem developer Oclaro, Inc. (NASDAQ: OCLR) reveals it is now sampling a dual micro-ITLA that offers a 25% smaller footprint and 1 W lower power consumption versus two discrete micro-ITLAs. The company expects to begin volume production of the device next month.

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The Ray Optics Module can be used to simulate electromagnetic wave propagation when the wavelength is much smaller than the smallest geometric entity in the ...

Multichannel Spectroscopy: Technology and Applications

This webcast, sponsored by Hamamatsu, highlights some of the photonic technology used in spectroscopy, and the resulting applications.

Handheld Spectrometers

Spectroscopy is a powerful and versatile tool that traditionally often required a large and bulky instrument. The combination of compact optics and modern pa...

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All About Aspheric Lenses

The most notable benefit of aspheric lenses is their ability to correct for spherical aberration. Spherical aberration results from using a spherical surface...

Wavelength stabilized multi-kW diode laser systems

Wavelength stabilization of high-power diode laser systems is an important means to increase the efficiency of diode pumped solid-state lasers. It also enabl...

Narrow-line fiber-coupled modules for DPAL pumping

A new series of fiber coupled diode laser modules optimized for DPAL pumping is presented, featuring greater than 400W from a 600µm core fiber of 0.22NA. Add...

Accurate LED Source Modeling Using TracePro

Modern optical modeling programs allow product design engineers to create, analyze, and optimize LED sources and LED optical systems as a virtual prototype p...

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RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY: The technical advances just keep coming

In Raman spectroscopy, light from a laser interacts with a test sample, undergoing a wavelength shift that serves as a very sensitive identifier of molecules...

ADHESIVES, SEALANTS, AND COATINGS: Solutions for optical technologies

A vast array of optical systems of various types and degrees of complexity require the use of adhesives, encapsulants, and other curing compounds for assembl...

WAVELENGTH-SWEPT LASERS: Dispersion-tuned fiber laser sweeps over a 140 nm range for OCT

By eliminating the use of mechanical tunable filters and instead tuning by intensity-modulation in a highly dispersive laser cavity, a fiber laser sweeps a 1...

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