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Fiber splicer from NYFORS Teknologi processes different types of fibers


The SmartSplicer glass processing and optical fiber splicing platform uses annular CO2 laser heating for flexible and contamination-free processing of fused fiber components.

VI Systems patents parallel optics assembly


Optical components developer VI Systems GmbH says the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a Notice of Allowance for a patent that applies to the company's work in parallel optics assemblies. "Opto-electronic assembly for high speed transmission," filed under application number US 13/846,392, covers optoelectronic assemblies for high-speed signal transmission based on surface-emitting and receiving components that can be used in parallel optics applications.

Implantable polymer fiber emits fluorescence to reveal how cells grow


Fiber from a semiconducting polymer can emit fluorescence, which makes it possible to follow the growth of cells inside living tissue.

Optoelectronics Research Centre creates light-themed garden for 2015 International Year of Light

Optoelectronics Research Centre creates light-themed garden for 2015 International Year of Light


Garden will liken fiber-optic technology to some elements of nature.

Add-on photonics turn smartphone into biosensor for pregnancy tests and more

Add-on photonics turn smartphone into biosensor for pregnancy tests and more


Small device could enable a smartphone to monitor diabetes, test for pregnancy, or monitor hazardous gases, saliva, or breath.

JDSU sets split date


JDSU (NASDAQ: JDSU) says its re-formation into Viavi Solutions and Lumentum Holdings Inc. will occur August 1, 2015. The Communications and Commercial Optical Products (CCOP) business segment will split off as a separate public company on that date, and the special dividend distribution of approximately 80.1% of Lumentum's common stock to JDSU shareholders will take place on August 3, the first trading day after the split.

Zepler Institute manufactures record length of photonic bandgap fiber

A record 11 km length photonic bandgap fiber was manufactured by University of Southampton's Zepler Institute.

How to get a photonics education: 10 resources on where to go and why


Here's a list of ten resources for students considering graduate or undergraduate programs in photonics, and our interviews with the deans and other leaders of schools.


JDSU accelerates Lumentum spin-off timetable


JDSU (NASDAQ: JDSU) says it will spin off its Communications and Commercial Optical Products (CCOP) business into publicly traded Lumentum Holdings Inc. in August. While August is within the third quarter target for the separation the company originally set (see "JDSU to split in two"), it suggests that momentum behind Lumentum's creation has accelerated.

A mega-update on European biophotonics


If you want to take the pulse of biophotonics in Europe, the biennial LASER World of Photonics (June 22-25, 2015) event is the place to do it.

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Understanding Polarization and Optical Coatings

Light is an electromagnetic wave, but, at optical frequencies, it is its electric field that interacts with materials, with the direction of the electric fie...

In-Situ Infrared Sensing using Calibration-Free Scanned-WMS Laser Absorption Spectroscopy

This presentation, sponsored by Wavelength Electronics and ILX Lightwave, will discuss the range of sensing capabilities offered by scanned-WMS in the near- ...

Wave Optics Simulations

An add-on to COMSOL Multiphysics®, the Wave Optics Module offers capabilities for modeling optical phenomena. The innovative beam envelope method is among th...

Mid-infrared lasers in remote chemical sensing – from stand-off detection to atmospheric sounding

In this webcast, Gerard Wysocki of MIRTHE will discuss the unique remote-sensing capabilities enabled by modern mid-infrared (mid-IR) lasers and novel spectr...

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Tailored bar concepts for 10 mm-mrad fiber coupled modules scalable to kW-class direct diode lasers

In this paper, laser modules based on newly developed tailored bars are presented. The modules allow efficient fiber coupling of more than 320 W into 10 mm-m...

Wavelength stabilized multi-kW diode laser systems

Wavelength stabilization of high-power diode laser systems is an important means to increase the efficiency of diode pumped solid-state lasers. It also enabl...

High-Power Diode Lasers under External Optical Feedback

We carried out a comprehensive study on single emitters with different antireflection (AR) coatings in the wavelength range between 780nm and 976nm, which ha...

LED Reflector and Lens Simulation using TracePro® Illumination Design and Analysis Software

TracePro® allows users to design, analyze, and optimize LED lighting systems using software simulation prior to building hardware. The resultant accuracy of ...

Tamarisk® Custom Lens Calibration

Though the Tamarisk product line is optimally designed to suit a variety of end-uses, DRS has developed the Tamarisk® Custom Lens Calibration (CLC) utility t...

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Fiber for Fiber Lasers

The development of higher-power and higher-energy fiber lasers has benefited from many advances in both active and passive optical fibers. Improved fiber des...

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