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RIKEN develops blueprint for ISS-docked laser cannon to blast away space debris


A proposal developed by RIKEN combines a telescope and a high-efficiency laser system to track and remove space debris from orbit.

GE handheld sensor analyzes pressure sores during hospitalization


GE researchers have combined an array of sensing and analytical capabilities towards monitoring pressure ulcers.

Breath test that contains silicon microsensors can detect cancer


An international collaboration worked to develop a portable device that can detect the presence of head and neck cancer in breath.

TeraView spectrometer and imaging system is supplied with external fibers


The TeraPulse 4000 is designed for terahertz-related research and will be used for postal inspection.

Vuzix acquires gesture and light-management patents for wearable displays


Vuzix has acquired patents for gesture controls of 3D virtual objects and light management in wearable displays.

Haag-Streit Surgical intraoperative OCT camera receives FDA clearance


Haag-Streit Surgical's intraoperative optical coherence tomography (iOCT) camera has received FDA clearance for commercialization in the U.S.

Quantum Materials gets metric-ton-scale quantum-dot production system


The continuous-flow QD-making hardware will increase the company's installed capacity by more than eight times.

Super-resolution microscopy unravels inner structure of herpes simplex virus


A team of researchers has developed a technique that allows super-resolution microscopy to be used as a structural tool for the study of viruses.

Electron-trapping defects bad for solar cells can be good for photodetectors


Lead-cation electron traps increase sensitivity of perovskite detectors.

Chromasens 3D machine-vision cameras integrate with MVTec image-processing software


Chromasens is now a member of the MVTec Image Acquisition Partner network.

Optical film by E-Lead Electronic cuts cost of windshield head-up display (HUD) by 90%


The new HUD was unveiled at 2015 AMPA & AutoTronics Taipei.

Neurosurgeons to speak on clinical utility of real-time navigated laser therapy


Three neurosurgeons will review their clinical experience using real-time navigated laser therapy for brain lesion ablation.

Light-capturing nanowires reduce carbon dioxide into useful chemicals and fuels


LBL and UC Berkeley scientists are using semiconducting nanowires and bacteria to mimic photosynthesis.

Video camera is powered by its own photovoltaic pixels (see video)


A well-lit indoor scene (300 lux) provides an estimated 0.77 mW of harvested power.

OCT aids in high-res imaging of acne lesion development, scarring


A high-resolution imaging technique that incorporates optical coherence tomography (OCT) can study acne development in human skin.

Newly developed fluorescent probes detect lysosomal pH


A new set of fluorescent probes can detect problems with lysosomes, which are known as the garbage disposals of animal cells.

Does photonics matter to your state?


Knowledge is power. What could you do if you knew all of the photonics companies in your state?

Photonics awareness


In considering what to write for this Editor's Desk, I made a list of article topics published in the issue that could reveal a theme.

Insect vision enables aerial robot navigation without accelerometers or altimeters


Biorobotics researchers developed the BeeRotor, a tethered flying robot that adjusts its speed without an accelerometer or altimeter.

New fluorescence imaging reagent targets degenerative diseases


A team of researchers developed a fluorescence imaging reagent that will enable better understanding of degenerative diseases.

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This webcast, sponsored by Hamamatsu, highlights some of the photonic technology used in spectroscopy, and the resulting applications.

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Technical Digests

REMOTE FIBER-OPTIC SENSING: Data in abundance from difficult environments

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AFL Secures Patent for OTDR Technology

10/03/2013 AFL has been awarded a patent for “Optical Time Domain Reflectometer,” US Patent 8,411,259. The p...

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