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Low-light CMOS biosensor enables detection of four copies of pathogen DNA per sample

Anitoa Systems has demonstrated handheld, real-time qPCR using its ultra-low-light CMOS biosensor.

Two studies validate effectiveness of image calibration software for microscopy


An image calibration software program for microscopy can lead to significant improvements in image quality and consistency. 

New LED lighting and health care alliance between Philips and MIT


Royal Philips and MIT have created a research alliance, headquartered in Cambridge, MA, with a focus that includes LED lighting, photonics, and bioimaging.


Sydor Instruments receives $1M DOE grant for soft x-ray imaging


Sydor Instruments was awarded the $1,000,000 SBIR Phase II grant from the DOE.

Cambridge IVF develops new protocols for light microscopy-based sperm testing


Cambridge IVF is working to develop new protocols to improve the reliability of its light microscopy-based sperm testing.

Salaries in photonics reflect regional and gender differences

05/19/2015 A survey by SPIE finds that salaries in optics and photonics are rising highest in China and median salaries for women continue to lag those of men by about 40%.

New microscope traps and images 1000 laser-cooled fermions


A team of MIT physicists has built a microscope that is able to see up to 1000 individual fermionic atoms.

Fiber-optic laser-scanning microscope focuses on brain tissue


Neuroscientists and bioengineers have created a miniature, fiber-optic microscope to peer inside a living brain.

Silver nanoclusters inside synthetic DNA have utility in bioimaging


A team of researchers has created nanoscale silver clusters with unique fluorescence properties important for bioimaging.

Computational approach enables 'stainless' staining for optical imaging


Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have developed a new approach to histology based on using infrared (IR) microspectroscopy.

CLEO/LFW Innovation Award winners present their innovations at CLEO


On Wednesday, May 13, the winners present their innovative products on the CLEO show floor.

Smartphone video microscope detects parasites in blood within 2 minutes


A new smartphone microscope uses video to automatically detect and quantify infection by parasitic worms in a drop of blood.

Intravital microscopy can study virus responses


Research being done in Italy applies intravital microscopy to the study of host viruses and associated immune responses.

CLEO:2015 to focus on optics and microscopy trends, showcase latest exhibitor offerings


CLEO:2015 is ready to take place May 10-15 in San Jose, CA, where close to 250 companies will showcase their latest products.

FLIR Systems announces lightweight, low-cost thermal cameras for small unmanned aerial systems


The cameras' image-processing software is optimized for SUAS operations.

The trillion-frame-per-second camera; attend the CLEO presentation


Japanese researchers can record events at a rate of more than 1-trillion-frames-per-second.

Microscopy and Raman Imaging: Open-system Raman microscopy


Raman microspectroscopy is gaining momentum in life sciences. For budget-constrained researchers and those who need flexibility, building a Raman microscope promises many benefits.

Joint-tagging Super-resolution Optical Fluctuation Imaging: Live-cell imaging enables super resolution in space and time


Super-resolution microscopy methods provide sub-diffractional spatial resolution, and thereby enable visualization of subcellular organelles.

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Infrared cameras and LEDs allow in-flight UAV refueling


A Univ. of Sydney researcher has designed and tested a method using IR vision and LEDs to refuel UAVs in mid-air.

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AFL Secures Patent for OTDR Technology

10/03/2013 AFL has been awarded a patent for “Optical Time Domain Reflectometer,” US Patent 8,411,259. The p...

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