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Reaching a wider world with photonics education

09/30/2014 In this video, the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) has made an early and engaging contribution to the cause of educating and inspiring people not familiar with light-based technologies.

National Photonics Initiative will invest $30M+ to support BRAIN Initiative

09/30/2014 Leaders of the National Photonics Initiative (NPI) launched its Photonics Industry Neuroscience Group alongside officials from the White House Office of Science and Technology (OSTP) in conjunction with the White House BRAIN In...

Self-tracking PV technology concentrates light via fluidic coupling

09/30/2014 Glint Photonics has developed a new optical technology for low-cost solar concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) systems using an embedded liquid layer to passively adjust the optical properties of the concentrator to track the posit...

Yale University, Leica Microsystems establish Microscopy Center of Excellence


On October 20, 2014, the Yale University West Campus will open the doors to a new microscopy Center of Excellence made possible through a partnership with Leica Microsystems.

Bioptigen awarded NEI grants worth $1.72M for development of intraoperative OCT


The National Eye Institute (NEI) has allocated a total of $1.72 million in grants to Bioptigen for development of microscope-integrated intraoperative optical coherence tomography (OCT) technology.

Miniature $199 smartphone IR camera by Seek Thermal has microbolometer array, chalcogenide optics

09/26/2014 Seek Thermal (Santa Barbara, CA) has unveiled the Seek thermal camera, a miniature long-wave infrared (LWIR) camera with a resolution of 206 x 156 pixels that plugs into the bottom of a smartphone (the Lightning connector port ...

CMOS-compatible germanium-tin on silicon could make inexpensive IR camera sensor

09/25/2014 Researchers at the University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, AK) have fabricated a new form of semiconductor photodetecting material -- germanium tin (GeSn) deposited in layers on a substrate of silicon (Si) -- that could be used t...

Blue phosphorescent OLED lifetime increased by 10X, reaching more than 600 hours


Researchers at the University of Michigan (UM; Ann Arbor, MI) have extended the lifetime of blue organic LEDs (OLEDs) by a factor of ten.

Photoacoustic imaging detects breast cancer without ionizing radiation

09/25/2014 Researchers participating in the Optical Imaging and Laser Techniques for Biomedical Applications (OILTEBIA) project coordinated by the Charles III University of Madrid (UC3M) in Spain are developing a photoacoustic (optoacoust...

CMOS imaging biosensor could enable early diagnosis of diabetes, Alzheimer's

09/24/2014 Researchers at the Toyohashi University of Technology and the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology in Japan have developed a semiconductor-imaging biosensor that analyzes blood and urine for early detection of diabete...

Sensors Unlimited moves to new manufacturing facility


UTC Aerospace Systems has opened a new facility in Princeton, NJ, for its Sensors Unlimited business, which develops sensing and imaging solutions in shortwave infrared (SWIR) technology.

Microscopy method has positive implications for muscular dystrophy research

09/19/2014 A team of scientists has developed a microscopy method that allows them to view single molecules in living animals at high resolution. Importantly, the method enabled them to study a key structural protein of muscle cells to he...

Ultra-slow-motion Precitech close-up video shows diamond turning of germanium, silicon lenses


If your interest in optics extends to the manufacture of IR optical components, then do I have a video for you.

Deep-imaging OCT system for contact lens metrology by Bioptigen

09/17/2014 The Envisu S4410 spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) system from Bioptigen delivers nondestructive, noncontact, full-immersion measurements for standard and high-complexity contact lenses, intraocular lens (IO...

Devices made of 'correlated oxide' could provide a new path for photodetection

09/16/2014 Using a quantum material called a correlated oxide, researchers at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) have achieved a reversible change in electrical resistance of eight orders of magnitude, a result the researchers are calling...

OSI Laser Diode establishes supply agreement with SemiNex


OSI Laser Diode Inc. has established a supply agreement with SemiNex Corp. where SemiNex will fulfill LDI’s needs for high power indium phosphide laser chips in the infrared wavelength range of 1300-1700 nm.

Optical method can detect proteins by their scattered light

09/15/2014 A team of researchers has developed an optical method that enables direct detection of the scattered light of individual proteins via their shadows to not only make biomedical diagnoses more sensitive, but also provide new insi...

New IR marker enables advanced bioimaging


Scientists at the Helmholtz Zentrum München have developed an infrared (IR) fluorescent protein marker to improve the quality of tissue imaging.

(SLIDE SHOW) Silicon low light photodiodes don't miss a photon


Optical-design programs encompass lens and illuminator design, analysis, and tolerancing, as well as photometrically tailored design and the interface with external computer-aided-design software.

Business Forum: A society for the optical science ecosystem

09/09/2014 This is the fourth in a series of interviews with leaders of our professional societies. I interviewed Liz Rogan, CEO of The Optical Society  (OSA), because this professional society is a vital part of our industry’s infra...

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