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Microscopy method has positive implications for muscular dystrophy research

09/19/2014 A team of scientists has developed a microscopy method that allows them to view single molecules in living animals at high resolution. Importantly, the method enabled them to study a key structural protein of muscle cells to he...

Ultra-slow-motion Precitech close-up video shows diamond turning of germanium, silicon lenses


If your interest in optics extends to the manufacture of IR optical components, then do I have a video for you.

Deep-imaging OCT system for contact lens metrology by Bioptigen

09/17/2014 The Envisu S4410 spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) system from Bioptigen delivers nondestructive, noncontact, full-immersion measurements for standard and high-complexity contact lenses, intraocular lens (IO...

Devices made of 'correlated oxide' could provide a new path for photodetection

09/16/2014 Using a quantum material called a correlated oxide, researchers at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) have achieved a reversible change in electrical resistance of eight orders of magnitude, a result the researchers are calling...

OSI Laser Diode establishes supply agreement with SemiNex


OSI Laser Diode Inc. has established a supply agreement with SemiNex Corp. where SemiNex will fulfill LDI’s needs for high power indium phosphide laser chips in the infrared wavelength range of 1300-1700 nm.

Optical method can detect proteins by their scattered light

09/15/2014 A team of researchers has developed an optical method that enables direct detection of the scattered light of individual proteins via their shadows to not only make biomedical diagnoses more sensitive, but also provide new insi...

New IR marker enables advanced bioimaging


Scientists at the Helmholtz Zentrum München have developed an infrared (IR) fluorescent protein marker to improve the quality of tissue imaging.

(SLIDE SHOW) Silicon low light photodiodes don't miss a photon


Optical-design programs encompass lens and illuminator design, analysis, and tolerancing, as well as photometrically tailored design and the interface with external computer-aided-design software.

Business Forum: A society for the optical science ecosystem

09/09/2014 This is the fourth in a series of interviews with leaders of our professional societies. I interviewed Liz Rogan, CEO of The Optical Society  (OSA), because this professional society is a vital part of our industry’s infra...

Photonic Frontiers: Facial Recognition: Still overcoming challenges, facial recognition technology advances


The best laboratory systems are coming close to matching human performance in face identification. But is that good enough for demanding applications in security and law enforcement or broad use in social media?

Photonics Products: Photodiodes: Silicon low-light photodiodes don't miss a photon


Avalanche photodiodes, silicon photomultipliers, and their variants serve low-light-detection needs, even counting single photons when needed.

Market Insights: Entering the Chinese photonics market


Over the past few decades, I have helped found companies in many parts of the world, including Taiwan, Japan, and China.

Long on the cutting edge

09/08/2014 When talking about advanced manufacturing, politicians seem to be thinking of futuristic factories or half-understood new systems. Conversely, when the industrial laser community talks about advanced manufacturing, it's talking...

Ophthalmology: Optical-integration instrument measures intraocular stray light


Researchers have come up with a simple ophthalmic instrument based on double-pass optical integration, which measures ocular stray light at angles between 3° and 8° and is suitable for use in a clinical setting.

Yet another use for graphene: CGC and Plastic Logic create graphene-based flexible display

09/05/2014 A flexible display incorporating graphene in its pixels’ electronics has been successfully demonstrated by the Cambridge Graphene Centre (CGC) at the University of Cambridge and Plastic Logic (both in Cambedge, England), the fi...

Light microscopy method discovers that banked blood loses functionality over time


Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign used a light microscopy technique to measure the stiffness of the membrane surrounding red blood cells over time.

Polychiral design doubles efficiency of carbon nanotube solar cells

09/04/2014 A research team led by Mark Hersam, professor of materials science and engineering at the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University has created a new type of CNT solar cell that is twice as efficient as its pre...

Sensors Unlimited – UTC Aerospace Systems SWIR module has utility in the battlefield


The Warrior C2S is a lightweight, field-ready shortwave infrared (SWIR) module and covert laser illuminator.

AMO GmbH demos ultrafast graphene-based photodetectors with data rates up to 50 Gbit/s

09/03/2014 In cooperation with Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs (Boulogne-Billancourt, France), researchers from AMO GmbH (Aachen, Germany) have created what they say is the world's fastest graphene-based photodetector, operating at a maximum dat...

Two-photon imaging enables deeper understanding of neuron function


A researcher in the Optical Neuroimaging Unit at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) Graduate University in Japan used two-photon imaging to explain how neurons help the network function.

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Ultra-narrowband optical bandpass filters with large format and improved temperature stability

Hard coated ultra-narrowband optical filters made using modern plasma processes offer much improved transmission, temperature stability and out of band block...

Moxtek ICE Cube™ polarizing beamsplitter

The Moxtek ICE CubeTM polarizing beamsplitter (PBS) product performance is compared to a MacNeille PBS cube.  Cube beamsplitters are found in a variety ...

Actuator Precision Characterization

Zaber’s computer-controlled positioning devices use stepper motors, which allow accurate position control without requiring an encoder. In order to get the b...

High-power visible spectrum diode lasers for display and medical applications – beam sources with tailored beam quality and spectral characteristics

In this paper we report on the further progress of fiber coupled high power diode lasers in the visible spectral range with regard to beam quality and spectr...

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