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Safety of blue-light content of white-light LEDs discussed in new DOE technical brief

Safety of blue-light content of white-light LEDs discussed in new DOE technical brief


In a new brief, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has set out to clear up what it believes are misconceptions about LED lighting, in particular those that relate to the blue-light content of white-light LEDs.

Shuji Nakamura, two others receive Nobel Prize for inventing Gan-based blue LEDs

Shuji Nakamura, two others receive Nobel Prize for inventing practical GaN-based blue LEDs

10/07/2014 The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2014 to Isamu Akasaki of Meijo University and Nagoya University (both in Nagoya, Japan), Hiroshi Amano of Nagoya University, and Shuji Nakamura of...

Sapphire maker GT Advanced Technologies files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

10/06/2014 GT Advanced Technologies (Merrimack, NH; Nasdaq:GTAT), which makes sapphire optical windows for Apple (Cupertino, CA), filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on October 6, 2014. GT expects to be authorized by the courts to continue to...
Miniature $199 smartphone IR camera by Seek Thermal has microbolometer array, chalcogenide optics

Miniature $199 smartphone IR camera by Seek Thermal has microbolometer array, chalcogenide optics

09/26/2014 Seek Thermal (Santa Barbara, CA) has unveiled the Seek thermal camera, a miniature long-wave infrared (LWIR) camera with a resolution of 206 x 156 pixels that plugs into the bottom of a smartphone (the Lightning connector port ...

CMOS-compatible germanium-tin on silicon could make inexpensive IR camera sensor

09/25/2014 Researchers at the University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, AK) have fabricated a new form of semiconductor photodetecting material -- germanium tin (GeSn) deposited in layers on a substrate of silicon (Si) -- that could be used t...
Philips to split in two, creating a standalone LED lighting business

Philips to split in two, creating a standalone LED lighting business

09/25/2014 Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA; Amsterdam, The Netherlands), which among other things is one of the world's largest producers of LEDs for lighting, announced that it will split into two companies, one concentrating on LED ...
National Energetics and EKSPLA awarded contract to build ten-petawatt laser system

National Energetics and Ekspla awarded contract to build ten-petawatt laser system

09/23/2014 A consortium led by National Energetics (Austin, TX), in partnership with Ekspla (Vilnius, Lithuania), has been awarded a contract in excess of $40 million to develop and install an ultra-intense laser system for the European U...

Invest in Photonics to highlight a range of market opportunities

09/19/2014 Invest in Photonics, an international business partnering convention, has revealed its line-up of industry speakers, including executives from Amazon, Airbus, Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs, Leica Microsystems, L’Oreal, and Volkswagen.

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UCF's Martin Richardson receives honorary degree from the University of Bordeaux


Orlando, FL--Martin Richardson was awarded the title of "Docteur Honoris Causa" at the University of Bordeaux in Talence, Bordeaux, France.

Kazuro Kikuchi named as 2014 John Tyndall Award winner


Washington, DC--The Optical Society (OSA) and the IEEE Photonics Society have named Kazuro Kikuchi of the University of Tokyo in Japan as the recipient of the 2014 John Tyndall Award.

Inrad Optics names Jose Suro VP of operations


Northvale, NJ--Optical components maker Inrad Optics has appointed Jose Suro as VP of operations at its Northvale facility.

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