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Strategies in Biophotonics announces keynote speaker lineup


The impressive keynote speaker lineup for Strategies in Biophotonics includes Robert S. Langer, Greg Olsen, Gregory Altshuler, and Aydogan Ozcan.

NIH Funds SemiNex to develop small lasers for enhancing vaccination

NIH funds SemiNex to develop small lasers for enhancing vaccination

07/22/2014 SemiNex Corporation (Peabody, MA) was awarded a Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop small laser devices to enhance immune responses to vaccines. The grant enable...
LG creates 18-inch rollable color OLED display

LG creates 18-inch rollable color OLED display


LG Display (Seoul, South Korea) has developed a 18-inch organic-LED (OLED) display so flexible that it can be rolled up. The display has 1200 x 810 pixels and can be rolled up to a radius of 3 cm.

Uncooled IR imaging market: smartphones and new low-cost IR cores pave the way for consumer applications

Uncooled IR imaging market: smartphones and new low-cost IR cores pave the way for consumer applications

07/11/2014 A new market report by Yole Développement (Lyon, France), called "Uncooled Infrared Imaging Technology & Market Trends, 2014 edition," concludes that existing commercial applications and new consumer applications ...
Two University of Arizona optical-sciences students chosen for 2014 Astronaut Scholarship

Two University of Arizona optical-sciences students chosen for 2014 Astronaut Scholarship


Two University of Arizona (UA; Tucson, AZ) undergraduates have been named winners of the 2014 Astronaut Scholarship, which was founded by six members of NASA's original Mercury 7 mission.

Nichia to make green and blue laser diodes for automotive head-up displays

Nichia to make green and blue laser diodes for automotive head-up displays


As noted in Tech-On! on July 9, 2014, Nichia Corp. (Tokushima, Japan) revealed that it is planning to commercialize blue and green semiconductor laser diodes for automotive head-up displays (HUDs).

Laser Components Group acquires majority of pyroelectric detector maker Microwatt Applications

07/01/2014 As of July 2014, Laser Components Group has expanded its infrared detector activities by acquiring the majority ownership of U.S.-based manufacturer, Microwatt Applications (Stuart, FL).

IEEE Photonics Society 2014 Summer Topical Meeting series to focus on 'Functional Material Integration & Optical Systems'

06/30/2014 The IEEE Photonics Society's Summer Topicals Meeting series covers emerging topics in photonics science, technology and applications. The conference is unique in that the topics are chosen by members of the IEEE Photonics Socie...

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UCF's Martin Richardson receives honorary degree from the University of Bordeaux


Orlando, FL--Martin Richardson was awarded the title of "Docteur Honoris Causa" at the University of Bordeaux in Talence, Bordeaux, France.

Kazuro Kikuchi named as 2014 John Tyndall Award winner


Washington, DC--The Optical Society (OSA) and the IEEE Photonics Society have named Kazuro Kikuchi of the University of Tokyo in Japan as the recipient of the 2014 John Tyndall Award.

Inrad Optics names Jose Suro VP of operations


Northvale, NJ--Optical components maker Inrad Optics has appointed Jose Suro as VP of operations at its Northvale facility.

Marketing for Engineers

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Wed Jan 02 15:57:00 CST 2013
Marketing companies talk about appealing to your customers' emotions -- hit them where they live. And it's true: as ...

Larry's VC View

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Fri Apr 19 13:12:00 CDT 2013
It's been said that water is the new gasoline--I hope not, it will be hard to drink. ;-) I am a big believer in water investments; in the US we pay a fractio... Read More

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