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COMSOL establishes direct operations in Moscow, Russia


Services include technical support, training sessions, local sales, and on-site workshops, seminars, and customer visits.

Headwall Photonics partners with Ocean Spray to test spectral-imaging agricultural analysis


Spectral imaging will be combined with machine vision to achieve the companies' goals.

220 gallium nitride MOCVD reactors to be installed in 2015 for LED production

220 gallium nitride MOCVD reactors to be installed in 2015 for LED production


LEDs as a business are growing rapidly in China, spurring purchase of the capital equipment needed for LED fabrication.

Reynard photolithography service achieves 5 µm geometries with thin-film transparent conductive materials

Reynard photolithography service achieves 5 µm geometries with thin-film transparent conductive materials


Patterned optical surfaces are used in wideband beamsplitters, reference targets, encoder disks, and other applications.

Quantum Materials breaks Stokes-shift barrier in quantum dots, leading to brighter displays


"Strong-shift" QDs have consistent characteristics in high volumes.

From Pittcon: TI unveils programmable DLP chipset for handheld spectroscopic analysis at 700 to 2500 nm


The near-infrared MEMS chipset will be used in ultramobile spectrometers and chemical analyzers.

Lithography company Brewer Science on Minority Engineer Magazine list of top 50 employers in U.S. for 2015


Brewer Science has good company on the list: Texas Instruments, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and other tech behemoths.

NIST to offer laser-interferometric calibration service for accelerometers

NIST to offer laser-interferometric calibration service for accelerometers


NIST's accelerometer-calibration service will have a sensitivity of a few nm and can measure at frequencies up to 50 kHz.

People in the News

UCF's Martin Richardson receives honorary degree from the University of Bordeaux


Orlando, FL--Martin Richardson was awarded the title of "Docteur Honoris Causa" at the University of Bordeaux in Talence, Bordeaux, France.

Kazuro Kikuchi named as 2014 John Tyndall Award winner


Washington, DC--The Optical Society (OSA) and the IEEE Photonics Society have named Kazuro Kikuchi of the University of Tokyo in Japan as the recipient of the 2014 John Tyndall Award.

Inrad Optics names Jose Suro VP of operations


Northvale, NJ--Optical components maker Inrad Optics has appointed Jose Suro as VP of operations at its Northvale facility.

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