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Optical microscope with the world's fastest camera detects circulating cancer tumor cells

Flow-through optical microscope detects rogue cancer cells

07/11/2012 Knowing that the ability to distinguish and isolate rare cells from a large population of assorted cells is essential for early disease detection and disease monitoring, engineers at the University of California, Los Angeles (U...
High-performance lasers are promising and compact proton sources that could be used in future cancer therapies

Promising for cancer therapy, terawatt laser enables higher energies for particle acceleration

07/02/2012 Physicists at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) directed light from the Dresden Laser Acceleration Source (DRACO) perpendicularly and obliquely onto a thin metal foil, allowing them to demonstrate for the first ti...
Comparison of a SLIM and dSLIT image of an E. coli cell

3D microscopy technique visualizes sub-cellular structure of E. coli noninvasively


Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have created a fast, noninvasive 3D microscopy technique for visualizing, quantifying, and studying cells without the use of fluorescence or contrast agents.

Sony’s prism array, coupled with a 32-channel photomultiplier tube, divides fluorescence emissions of all fluorophores to detect full-spectrum fluorescent emissions in complex cell analysis

Sony to develop 'spectral' cytometry instrument


Sony is developing a ‘Spectral’ cell analyzer, its second flow cytometry instrument for optical analysis of cells to date.

Part of a frequency comb instrument used to measure trace gases for biomedical applications, the beam from a powerful fiber laser is converted by a special crystal and other optics into two light waves at lower frequencies

Laser frequency comb enables high-level disinfection of harmful bacteria


The laser frequency comb is helping researchers at JILA evaluate a novel instrument that kills harmful bacteria without the use of liquid chemicals or high temperatures.

Schematic representation of the experimental setup at the Linac Coherent Light Source, where millions of tiny crystals are injected into the free-electron laser beam in a thin, liquid jet

Free-electron lasers reveal architecture of proteins in unprecedented detail

06/04/2012 Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research (MPI) and the Max Planck Advanced Study Group have analyzed protein crystals using short pulses of x-ray light from the world's first hard x-ray free-electron laser...
An assembled flow cytometry chip with size comparable to a U.S. quarter

Tiny flow cytometry chip could yield faster, cheaper diagnosis of leukemia, HIV


A flow cytometry chip that can produce 3D focusing of a stream of cells developed by researchers at Penn State University may make rapid screening of cells for leukemia or HIV possible.

Under green fluorescent light, microtubuli (shown) and other cell structures can be observed in living fish embryos

Microscopy method peers into cell structures of living fish

05/17/2012 Researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, and the American National Institutes of Health have developed a new microscopy method to visualize cell structures measuring...

Focal Point, Piezosystem Jena partner to deliver autofocus systems for bioimaging


Focal Point and Piezosystem Jena, autofocus systems and nanopositioning solutions makers, respectively, have entered into a new partnership to deliver autofocus systems for biological imaging applications.

Postdoctoral researcher Steven Adie, professor P. Scott Carney, graduate students Adeel Ahmad and Benedikt Graf, and professor Stephen Boppart, all of the University of Illinois, developed a method to computationally correct aberrations in 3D tissue microscopy

Adaptive optics, computer software pair to correct aberrations in optical imaging


University of Illinois researchers have developed a technique to computationally correct for aberrations, enabling higher-quality images and 3D datasets in real-time imaging applications such as image-guided surgery.

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