Defense laser bar packs 300 W into 300 g

DILAS (Mainz, Germany) has developed a fiber-coupled laser diode module or “tailored bar” that meets a critical defense-application goal: less than 1 kg/kW of overall module weight to optical output power while still maintaining nearly 50% efficiency. Actual specifications for the 976 nm laser are greater than 300 W output power in a 200-μm-diameter/0.22-numerical-aperture (NA) fiber-coupled package with a weight of approximately 300 g. DILAS also produces industrial packages with 600 W/200 μm/0.22 NA, 1200 W/300 μm/0.22 NA, and a multiwavelength system with 3 kW from a 300 μm/0.22 NA package.

Defense laser bar packs 300 W into 300 g

To achieve both high power and brightness, DILAS used a small, lightweight package that includes a low-thermal-impedance heat sink on which the laser diode bar is mounted for effective removal of waste heat. The micro-optics attachment process is automated to improve beam quality from the laser diode bar through high-efficiency fiber coupling. DILAS says that breaking this critical 1 kg/kW weight-to-power ratio enables deployment of the laser as a directed-energy weapon for flyable systems on lightweight aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Many other markets are opened, including industrial and medical applications in which overall size, weight reduction, and efficiency can reduce system ownership and operating costs. Contact Jörg Neukum at

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