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Volume 40, Issue 4
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      • Newsbreaks
        Terahertz radiation carries information; QD and QW lasers face off; Attosecond pulses probe atoms' inner dynamics; MORE...
    • World News

      • ZnO emitters fabricated on silicon wafers
        Shuji Nakamura's seemingly single-handed invention of practical gallium nitride–based blue and UV lasers and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) during his stint at Nichia (Kaminaka, Japan) has made him one of the few optoelectronics researchers to receive publicity in the general press...
      • Optical lithographers look to immersion
        "Immersion" was the word at the SPIE Microlithography 2004 meeting (Santa Clara, CA; Feb. 22–27) as chipmakers put off the tough climb to 157-nm optical lithography and opted instead for the slippery and wet descent to 45-nm and smaller feature sizes based on argon fluoride (ArF) 193-nm lithography technology.
      • OFC postdeadline sessions show technical vigor
        Conference Review
      • Lab on a chip is designed for the field
        A team at the University of California–Berkeley has devised a system that can perform light-induced fluorescence spectroscopy, has an area less than 1 cm2, and is less than 1.5 mm thick.
      • Digital imager assesses buns
        Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech; Atlanta, GA) are working with a local bakery to develop a machine-vision system to automatically inspect freshly baked sandwich buns.
      • Saturn's moon becomes a refractive lens
        When a planet with an atmosphere passes in front of a star (an event known as an occultation), earthbound scientists can glean information about the planet's atmosphere by examining how the starlight dims and winks out, then reappears.
      • Spatial solitons of moderate power interact
        Solitons are among the most fascinating objects in nonlinear optics.
      • SHG images neuron impulses quickly
        Biophysicists from Cornell University (Ithaca, NY) have joined forces with a chemist from Université de Rennes (Rennes, France) to tackle one of the biggest optical-imaging challenges in neuroscience: imaging electrical impulses in the brain.
      • Tunable thermal laser exploits Rydberg matter
        In a Rydberg atom (or molecule), an outer electron is excited to a high quantum state without being ionized, resulting in an atom with a very large electron cloud.
      • It's a small world
        In a development that may one day help in the fabrication of nanometer-scale optical devices, engineers at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. (NTT: Tokyo, Japan) have created an electron-beam (e-beam) lithographic system that patterns features in three dimensions with minimum feature sizes of 10 nm.
      • Electrowetting boosts speed, color, contrast
        Two groups of researchers have advanced the use of electrowetting droplets for displays, with one demonstrating a new way of exploiting the optical geometry of the liquid used, and another developing video-speed performance and a new strategy for incorporating color.
      • Silicon modulates IR at more than 1 GHz
        A fast modulator made of silicon (Si) may make researchers take another look at the material, which has been largely forsaken by the optoelectronics industry in favor of other semiconductors with more favorable light-manipulating properties.
      • Brain imaging shifts focus from learning to homeland security
        Using technology based on a continuous-wave near-IR imager first demonstrated in 1996 by Britton Chance, emeritus faculty at University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA), and colleagues, a research team headed by Chance is looking for signs of blood vessels generated by tumors in cancerous breasts.
      • Laser-based breathalyzer screens for TB in minutes
        A laser-based breathalyzer system may make painful, under-the-skin testing for tuberculosis (TB) a relic of the past.
    • Laser Industry Report

      • Laser Industry Report
        Rofin-Sinar acquires Swedish fiberoptics firm; IDS expands portfolio with patent on medical imaging system; Report optimistic on future of long-wavelength lasers; MORE...
    • Optics Industry Report

      • Optics Industry Report
        BU partners with French optics consortium; Adaptive optics locate larger stars; Melles opens coating technology center; MORE...
    • Imaging and Detector

    • Fiberoptics Industry Report

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