Ultrafast fiber laser from Calmar Laser provides <100 fs pulsewidth

Calmar Laser Carmel CFL-05RFF0 fiber-based laser

The Carmel CFL-05RFF0 fiber-based laser provides 500 mW of output power at 780 nm, with 10 nJ pulse energy and <100 fs pulsewidth. Its head is about 100× smaller than a standard Ti:sapphire laser. It has a Gaussian beam profile, typically with beam quality M2 <1.1; pulse-to-pulse stability of <1% rms; and operating temperature range from 17° to 32°C.
Calmar Laser
Sunnyvale, CA


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New Generation Fiber Laser from Calmar

The Carmel is an all fiber-based femtosecond laser, which at 780nm, 500mW of power, 10 nJ of pulse energy, and less than 100fs pulse width, is ideally suited for multiphoton microscopy, biophotonics applications, materials characterization, optical metrology, and terahertz radiation.  Calmar has filed for several patents covering this breakthrough technology allowing shorter pulse widths at higher powers.
The Carmel CFL-05RFF0's ultra-compact head (about 100X smaller than a traditional Ti:Sa laser), push button start, air cooled operation, and fiber delivery allow it to be easily integrated into existing microscopes and optical setups, with the entire assembly easily wheeled into a laboratory or operating room.

The Carmel has a Gaussian beam profile, typically with an M2<1.1.  Excellent pulse-to-pulse stability (<1% rms) combined with a clean spectrum and clean pulses over a wide operating temperature range (17-32°C) provides superior results for both microscopy imaging and tissue ablation in biomedical applications.

About Calmar Laser
Calmar Laser manufactures innovative fiber laser and fiber amplifier solutions for OEM, industrial, medical and scientific applications. Since 1996 Calmar has been a key supplier and reliable OEM partner to customers for advanced high-speed test and measurement applications, optical communications, component characterization, material diagnosis, transmission, biomedicine and micromachining. Today, Calmar is an industry leader in supplying robust, compact, ultrafast fiber lasers designed for simple hands-off reliable operation.  For more information about Calmar Laser, visit the Company's Web site at http://www.calmarlaser.com/ for product updates.


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