TE controller from ILX Lightwave offers fast auto-tune mode

ILX Lightwave LDT-5910C thermoelectric temperature controller

The LDT-5910C thermoelectric temperature controller provides 32 W of temperature control for laser diodes and other optoelectronic devices. It has an intuitive front panel and long-term temperature stability of ± 0.002°C. It incorporates a low-noise, bi-polar current output with digital PID control loop, with preset values and a fast auto-tune mode.
ILX Lightwave
Bozeman, MT


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BOZEMAN, Montana, December 2011 – ILX Lightwave Corporation is proud to introduce the LDT-5910C Thermoelectric Temperature Controller. The LDT-5910C features 32W of temperature control, an intuitive front panel, and long term temperature stability of ±0.002°C. The LDT-5910C is a direct replacement for the popular LDT-5910B Thermoelectric Temperature Controller.

This new temperature controller incorporates a low noise, bi-polar current output with digital PID control loop for temperature control of laser diodes and other optoelectronic devices. For wavelength sensitive or other high stability applications, the LDT-5910C provides a long term stability of ±0.002°C. For fast setup, the LDT-5910C incorporates preset PID values and a fast auto tune PID mode that automatically determines optimal PID values. The LDT-5910C is compatible with a wide range of sensors including thermistors, RTDs, LM335 and AD590 IC sensors. A new linearized thermistor sensor mode allows the LDT-5910C to achieve ±0.2°C temperature accuracy over a wide temperature range from -30°C to 85°C with standard 10KΩ thermistor. Interlocks allow the user to connect the LDT-5910C to a laser diode driver and will disable the laser output if the LDT-5910C is disabled or is over the user configurable temperature limit.

An additional feature of the LDT-5910C is an analog voltage input for temperature sweeping or tuning without using a remote interface or front panel control. The LDT-5910C includes USB 2.0 and IEEE 488.1 GPIB interfaces for remote instrument operation in R&D or manufacturing environments. The new instrument’s remote commands are compatible with the LDT-5910B, so that customers can replace existing LDT-5910B’s with the new LDT-5910C without the need for reprogramming. LabVIEW® drivers for the LDT-5910C are available for download from the ILX Lightwave website.

About ILX Lightwave Corporation:
ILX Lightwave is a market and technology leader in photonic test and measurement for photonic component research, development and manufacturing. ILX Lightwave customers include Fortune 500 corporations, national research laboratories, government and educational institutions. ILX Lightwave is headquartered in Bozeman, MT.

For further information contact:
Patrick Gale, Marketing Manager
ILX Lightwave Corporation, (406) 556-2535, pgale@ilxlightwave.com


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