Photline Technologies phase modulators for sensing applications

Photline Technologies MPX-LN-0.1 pigtailed phase modulators

MPX-LN-0.1 pigtailed phase modulators for sensing applications operate over a -40°–85°C temperature range while keeping stable insertion loss and polarization extinction ratio. Available for the 1550, 1310, 1064, and 800 nm optical bands, the LiNb03 modulators require <3.5 V of high impedance drive voltage and offer over 100 MHz of modulation bandwidth.
Photline Technologies
Besancon, France

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Photline Technologies MPX Phase Modulators for Sensing

MPX-LN-0.1 are pigtailed phase modulators specially designed for sensing applications. They operate over a wide temperature range (-40°C - +85°C) while keeping stable insertion loss and polarization extinction ratio. MPX-LN-0.1 phase modulators are ideal devices for fiber optics sensors operating in harsh environments.

The MPX-LN-0.1 phase modulators series are LiNb03 modulators available for the 1550 nm, 1310 nm , 1064 nm and 800 nm optical bands. Each device feature wavelength specific waveguides and optical fibers.

The MPX-LN-0.1 phase modulators are compact, easy to drive devices that require only a few volts (< 3.5 V) of high impedance drive voltage and offer over 100 MHz of modulation bandwidth. They have been tested over -40°C - +85°C in both insertion loss and polarization extinction ration (PER) and shows a high stability. Their extended temperature performance makes them devices of choice for fiber optics sensors and instruments operating in severe conditions.

About Photline Technologies:

Photline Technologies is a leading supplier of optical modulation solutions based on the company lithium niobate (LiNb03) modulators and RF electronic modules. Photline Technologies serves the markets of telecommunication, defense and aerospace, sensing and instruments, research.

The company is privately owned and employs 30 people in Besancon and Paris, France.    phone +33-(0)3-81-85-31-80


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