Aerotech miniature linear positioning stages offer 25 or 50 mm travels

Aerotech MPS50SL miniature linear positioning stage

The MPS50SL miniature linear positioning stage measures 50 mm wide, with travels of 25 or 50 mm. It provides multi-axis configurations, 0.1 μm resolution, +0.75 μm repeatability, and +1.5 μm accuracy. Its DC servomotor is equipped with a rotary encoder and crossed-roller linear bearings offer payload capabilities up to 5 kg, with a stage mass of 0.85 kg. A vacuum-prepped version to 10-6 torr is available.
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MPS50SL Miniature Linear Positioning Stages Meet the Needs of Space-Constrained Laboratories and Production Floors

Compact 50 mm width with travels of 25 mm or 50 mm
High resolution (0.1 µm), repeatability (±0.75 µm) and accuracy (±1.5 µm)
Precision ground ball-screw or lead-screw drive
DC servo or stepper motor
Crossed-roller bearings
High-vacuum capable
Compact multi-axis configurations

The MPS50SL miniature linear positioning stage is perfect for the confines of the laboratory while retaining the high reliability required in production environments. It is an ideal choice for measurement, testing, alignment and component assembly in any space-constrained applications whether on the factory floor or in laboratory environments.

High Accuracy
The precision-ground ball screw or lead screw has excellent accuracy and repeatability, with ultra-fine positioning resolution capability of 0.1 micron. The DC servomotor is equipped with a rotary encoder and the crossed-roller linear bearings provide exceptionally smooth travel and payload capabilities up to 5 kg with a stage mass of just 0.85 kg.

Optional Vacuum Preparation
The MPS50SL is available vacuum prepped to 10-6 torr for applications in markets such as semiconductor manufacturing and inspection, optics fabrication, and military/aerospace.

Highly Configurable
A breadboard mounting plate provides direct mounting to both English and metric breadboards. Any model can be mounted in an XY configuration and, with the right-angle L-bracket, in XYZ configurations. The MPS50SL can also be directly mounted to the larger MPS75SL stage for a compact, high-performance XY system.

The MPS50SL is a member of the MPS (Miniature Positioning Stage) family of linear, rotary, goniometer, and vertical lift and Z stages from Aerotech. Two or more MPS stages can be mounted together in numerous combinations for a compact, accurate multi-axis motion solution.

Aerotech manufactures a wide range of positioning stages, drives and controls to provide a fully integrated and optimized motion solution. For further information, please contact Steve McLane at 412-967-6854 (direct), or via e-mail at

The MPS50SL series data sheet is available at:


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