Leoni Fiber Optics fiber probes are designed for medical lasers

Standard and custom-made fiberoptic probes for medical lasers handle the output of argon, Nd:YAG, excimer, KTP, and diode lasers. The probes are assembled in a controlled environment and available with double sterile packaging, labeling, and ETO sterilization performed on premises under ISO 13485 and FDA QSR.
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Fiber Optic Solutions for Medical Laser Delivery Probes from LEONI Fiber Optics Inc.
July 08, 2011

Extensive Selection of Standard and Custom Fiber Optic Solutions for the Medical Laser Delivery System OEM

Williamsburg, VA (June 17, 2011). For more than twenty years LEONI Fiber Optics has been a reliable, long-term, strategic partner with the medical OEM in presenting efficient, cost-effective, practical fiber optic solutions engineered to meet their specific needs.  Innovative development is your core competency… Manufacturing solutions is just the tip of the iceberg of ours.

LEONI Fiber Optics Inc introduces their line of standard and custom medical probes for the laser energy transmission of Argon, Nd:YAG  Excimer, KTP, and Diode lasers.  The company offers complete solutions from design, to prototype, to ship-to-stock.  All medical probes are assembled in a controlled environment and available with double sterile packaging, labeling and ETO sterilization performed on premises under ISO 13485 and FDA QSR.

Bare Fiber for Urology General Surgery:
•    All silica optical fiber, low OH, N.A. 0.22
•    Core diameters of 200µ, 365µ, 550µ, 1000µ
•    Silicone TM / Tefzel TM buffer
•    High Power SMA 905 connector on proximal end.  Distal end cleaved
•    Reduced external diameter
•    Heat resistant up to 142C°/ 287.6°F
•    ETO sterilized

Bare Fiber for Arthroscopy, Dermatology, Gynecology, Lithotripsy, Endovascular, Gastroenterology and General Surgery:
•    All silica optical fiber, low OH or high OH N.A. 0.22
•    Hard clad silica optical fiber, low OH N.A. 0.37, high OH all silica
•    Core diameters from 200µ to 1000µ
•    SMA 905 connector on proximal end.  Distal end cleaved
•    ETO sterilized

Ophthalmological Probes:
•    Endoprobes – All silica optical fiber, low OH, N.A. 0.22, 200µ core diameter
•    Endoillumination probe – All silica optical fiber, low OH, N.A. 0.22 200µ core diameter
•    Retinopexy probe – All silica optical fiber, low OH, N.A. 0.22, 600µ core diameter
•    Cycloprobe – All silica optical fiber, low OH, N.A. 0.22, 600µcore fiber, ball tip 900µ
•    Silicone sleeve 2.00mm diameter
•    SMA 905 connector on proximal tip

•    Endoprobe distal end straight or curved cleaved end
•    Cycloprobe distal end ball tip
•    Retinopexy probe distal end side-firing
•    Endoillumination probe distal end illuminated tip
•    ETO sterilized

Fiber and Probes for Dentistry:
•    All silica optical fiber, low OH N.A. 0.22
•    All silica, germanium doped optical fiber, low OH, N.A. 0.38
•    Core diameters of 200µ, 320µ, 400µ and 600µ
•    Polyimide buffer with thickness of only 15µ
•    C-flex or silicone outer jacket with 2.00mm O.D., fiber 10cm free standing
•    SMA 905 connector on proximal end
•    ETO sterilized

Side Fire Fiber:
•    All silica optical fiber low OH or high OH, N.A. 0.22
•    Core diameter 600µ
•    Capillary diameter 1.75mm or 2.05mm
•    High power SMA connector on proximal end
•    Fiber adjusting aid and direction indication marking for fiber positioning
•    ETO sterilized

About LEONI Fiber Optics Inc
The Fiber Optics Business Unit of the LEONI Group is a prime supplier of optical fibers for special industrial applications, sensor technology and optical analysis, scientific purposes, the telecommunication sector and laser medicine.

LEONI Fiber Optics is one of a limited number of companies who offers a unique product portfolio from preforms and drawn fibers, to standard and custom optical fiber based assemblies, to fiber optic cables and entire optical fiber systems fitted with in-house design components.  We deliver fiber optic products not only for general applications but also where systematic problem solutions are needed.

Employing more than 450 and operating from multiple sites world-wide, including several manufacturing sites in Germany, the USA, China and Canada, with our primary manufacturing site for the NAFTA Region located in Williamsburg, VA, stands ready to respond with the full spectrum of LEONI Fiber Optics products and capabilities to solve even the most difficult photonic problems. We are your strategic partner for all your fiber optic solutions.


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