Power supply from McPherson suits use with photomultiplier tubes

McPherson Model 7640 high-voltage power supply series

The Model 7640 high-voltage power supply series is designed for use with photomultiplier tubes, channel electron multipliers, microchannel-type detectors, and other devices requiring a stable power source. Voltage is set at any point between zero and 1 kV at the front panel with a precise, 10-turn potentiometer and 4.5-digit LCD display, allowing 0.002% regulation.

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High Voltage Power Supply

June 2011 - McPherson Inc., a manufacturer of instruments and optical systems that measure and tune wavelengths of light for spectroscopy, announced today the global release of a highly regulated, low noise, continuously adjustable high voltage power supply for industrial and scientific research applications. The Model 7640 High Voltage Power Supply series is highly regulated and designed for use with photomultiplier tube, channel electron multiplier, and microchannel type detectors, and other devices requiring a stable source of high voltage.

Voltage is set at any point between zero and 1kV (2kV and 5kV models are also available) at the front panel by precise 10-turn potentiometer and easy to read 4.5-digit LCD display that allows users to confidently set and deliver high voltage levels with 0.002% regulation. Instrument rear panel features a scaled analog input for remote control.

“The Model 7640 High Voltage Power Supply was specifically engineered to produce regulated, low noise, high voltage for sensitive, high gain detectors in spectroscopy systems.” explains D. M. Schoeffel for McPherson. And just how is that possible? "The Model 7640 was years in the making", explains Schoeffel… "Incremental revisions and hundreds of hours of testing in complex systems result in a proven, trouble free product.”

So what is next from McPherson? “Be on the lookout for our more comprehensive offering of support electronics for spectroscopy systems, including stable DC power supplies for lighting systems, specialized, interlocked dual HV supplies for image intensifiers, and micro step drive systems all provided for maximum performance and ease of implementation.”

The 7640 High Voltage Power Supply operates sensitive photomultiplier tubes and related devices for critical photometric and spectroscopy applications. It is proven to provide reliable, stable high voltage. The Model 7640 high voltage power supply is the first in larger series of power supplies delivering maximum output of -1000, -2000 or + or -5000 Volts.

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