Andor scientific-grade ICCDs offer ultrafast gating better than <2 ns

The new DH320T platform is part of the new iStar range of scientific-grade ICCDs for spectroscopy. Features include -40°C thermoelectric cooling, an integrated digital delay generator, spectral acquisition rates up to 38,000 Hz, as well as timing control through low-jitter electronics. It also provides a comprehensive software control interface, and ultrafast gating better than <2 ns.

Andor Technologies
Belfast, Northern Ireland

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Andor launch new Ultra-fast intensified CCD for Spectroscopy

Belfast, Northern Ireland, 5th July 2011 –
Andor Technology plc (Andor), a world leader in scientific imaging and spectroscopy solutions, today announced the launch of the latest addition to its New iStar range of high-performance, scientific-grade ICCDs. With the introduction of the DH320T platform, Andor brings the fastest Spectroscopy-dedicated Intensified CCD platform to the market yet.
Andor’s New iStar DH320T stands for “high-sensitivity” with -40oC thermo-electric cooling, low-noise electronics and high Quantum Efficiency photocathodes, amazing “ultra-high spectral acquisition rates” up to 38,000 Hz, as well as “ultra-precise timing control” through low-jitter electronics. It also provides a comprehensive software control interface, and “ultra-fast gating” better than <2 nanoseconds.
The New iStar’s fully integrated Digital Delay Generator boasts ultra-low insertion delay and excellent timing accuracy down to few tens of picoseconds, allowing ultra-precise synchronisation of complex experiments through a comprehensive range of input/output triggering options. Solis software provides an intuitive interface to accurately set all delays, gating and CCD parameters while also offering a unique real-time control GUI for on-the-fly acquisition and timings optimisation.

Antoine Varagnat, Product Specialist for Spectroscopy and Time-Resolved at Andor, said: "The DH320T platform offers superb rapid acquisition performance, enabling better study of fast transient phenomena while maintaining the highest sensitivity and gating performance available as standard on the New iStar. Combined with Andor’s pre-aligned, pre-calibrated Czerny-Turner Shamrock spectrograph range, the iStar 320T provides a market-leading detection and analysis tool for plasma study, LIBS, transient absorption spectroscopy or fluorescence lifetime study. The New iStar DH320T is truly at the cutting edge of technology to address the most challenging spectroscopy applications. ”

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About Andor
Andor is a world leader in Scientific Imaging, Spectroscopy Solutions and Microscopy Systems. Established in 1989 from Queen's University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Andor Technology now employs over 300 people in 16 offices worldwide, distributing its portfolio of over 80 products to 10,000 customers in 55 countries.
Using the latest cutting edge technologies, Andor designs and manufactures robust, high performance instruments allowing scientists around the world to measure light down to a single photon and capture events occurring within 1 billionth of a second. This unique capability is helping them push back the boundaries of knowledge from nano-scale to universe-scale level in fields as diverse as drug discovery, new material development and analysis, medical diagnosis, food quality control, art restoration, astronomy and solar energy research.


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