Spitlight Passive SLM offers precise beam profile

The InnoLas Spitlight Passive SLM is a flash-lamp-pumped single-longitudinal-mode laser with a passive Q-switch and double amplifier transition. The combination of innovative optical components enables the laser to provide an outstanding beam profile. The central element is a phase-conjugated mirror, which enables a virtually quality-loss-free double-amplifier transition. Combining wave-front conjugation with a pin-hole-based spatial filter allows the beam to pass the amplifier repeatedly without any loss of quality, ensuring a pure Gaussian or hyper-Gaussian beam profile in longitudinal and transversal single-mode regime. The virtually flat top beam profile makes the Spitlight Passive SML a perfect beam source for all applications that require an exceptionally high beam quality and focus, including micro material processing.
InnoLas Laser


InnoLas Spitlight Passive SLM – Strong Performance and precise beam profile due to use of phase conjugated mirror

The InnoLas Spitlight Passiv SLM is a laser in the class of its own regarding the multifarious shrewd ideas. Basically it is a flash lamp pumped Single Longitudinal Mode Laser with a passive q-switch and double amplifier transition. Due to the combination of innovative optical components it offers a surpassing quality of the beam profile. The central element is a phase conjugated mirror, which enables a virtually quality-loss free double amplifier transition.

A mirror of its own

The optical elements used in the Spitlight Passive SLM are sufficiently known and tested. Their particular arrangement makes for an outstanding beam profile. Next to the passive q-switch it is, above all, the interaction between the phase conjugate mirror and the focussing pinholes which is remarkable. Thanks to its physical properties the phase conjugate mirror is capable of producing a spatially accurate and diffusion-free reflection of the beam. Combining wave front conjugation with a pin hole based spatial filter (patented technology of a partner of InnoLas Laser GmbH) the beam passes the amplifier repeatedly without any loss of quality. Thus the new Spitlight SLM guarantees a pure Gaussian or Hypergaussian beam profile in longitudinal and transversal single mode regime.

New fields of application and reduced crystal abrasion

The virtually flat top beam profile turns the Spitlight Passive SML into a perfect beam source for all applications which require an exceptionally high beam quality and focus. The diffraction-free profile of the pure SLM beam is realised without any loss of power density so that the system can be used for applications with high impulse power.

With a coherence length close to the transform limit the Spitlight SLM is furthermore the ideal tool for dynamic holography and other holographic applications, for example pulse compression.

Another valuable advantage of the high beam quality –becomes obvious in the use of frequency-doubling crystals. The Spitlight Passive SLM's efficiency is well-tested for frequency multiplication up to the fifth harmonic achieving record efficiency (wavelength: 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm, 266 nm and 213 nm, resp.). The tests have shown that the absence of diffraction rings reduces the strain of the crystals for mirror separation which in turn increases the life span of the crystals significantly. By improving the beam properties over the whole operating time of a crystal the maintenance costs for the laser system can be reduced considerably.

Ready for industrial-suited serial manufacturing

A partner of InnoLas Laser GmbH has applied for a patent for the construction principle of the laser. InnoLas has developed this particularly innovative laser principle into a serial model for industrial purposes in micro material processing.

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