KMI Conference To Focus On Developing Markets

Providence, RI, August 20, 2003. From Sept. 29 - October 1, KMI will host its 26th annual Newport (RI) Conference on Fiberoptics Markets (NCFM). A new development at this year's conference will be the addition of a components track on the last day. This components track has been organized by KMI's sister company, Strategies Unlimited.

The goal in planning the overall program has been to address the questions raised most frequently in the past year:

� What's the status of fiber-to-the-home; what do the recent FCC decisions mean, what can be concluded from the regional Bell company RFP in the summer of 2003?

� What's happening in metro applications, what technologies are being taken up, how fast is that segment growing, how much does it offset the collapse in long-distance?

� What's the status of fiber-to-the-business, how many business buildings have a fiber connection to telecom networks, what is the outlook for connecting more?

� What non-telecom applications might offer growth opportunities?
� What are good strategies for components suppliers after the collapse in telecom, what components are the system manufacturers looking for to help them better serve the communications markets?

All of these questions are part of this year's NCFM mission to help companies in the fiberoptics industry allocate resources to more successfully pursue market segments after the collapse of the long-distance or backbone markets. To get the answers to the questions above, KMI has turned to speakers from a wide range of companies that have insight into these issues.

Some of the speakers with talks focused on "short-haul" telecom applications include:
� John L. White, Executive Director for Fiber-to-the-Premise, Verizon, speaking on Verizon's plans for deploying BPON technology.

� Ted Shields, CEO of GeoResults, discussing the opportunity for fiber expansion in metro markets, offering data on the number of buildings served with fiber, the potential bandwidth per building, and other factors.

� Dr. Jey K. Jeyapalan, Consultant, covering new technology for installing fiber in the hard-to-reach last-mile applications.

�Additional talks on CWDM and Ethernet in metropolitan telecom applications

Some of the speakers from the non-telecom arenas include:
� Dr. Michael Salour, President of Ipitek, speaking on the use of dark fiber and other network assets for government, security, and other non-telecom applications;

� Brian D. Morrison, President, and Jane Winter, Vice President, of CBL Systems, speaking on the use of fiber in applications such as aircraft control, aircraft cockpit security, airport security, Ethernet video imaging, and wide-scale SCADA and control systems.

Speakers addressing the opportunities in fiberoptics components include:
� James Theodoras, Technical Leader, Optics, Cisco Systems, discussing new component needs for emerging optical networking equipment, particularly for metro applications.

� Dr. Jay Simpson, Senior Director, Network, Ciena, speaking on the way that equipment vendors manage their supply as well as developments in the demand, prices, and types of products sold.

� Eric Schweitzer, Senior Director, Network Engineering for Harmonic, covering the convergence of CATV with telecom and new opportunities for vendors.

� Additional talks on trends in the components market and promising new technologies.

In addition to this coverage of fiber applications, KMI has included a forwarding-looking session to cover the present status and future developments in broadband powerline (BPL) technology, which uses the electric-power distribution network's low or medium-voltage conductors to deliver data communication services to end-users. This technology may compete with fiber for part of the telecom network, such as access networks, and may also offer the potential to require more fiber in complimentary applications, such as feeder, backbone, or other support infrastructure.

For a more complete list of the speakers and talks on fiberoptics markets in telecom and other applications, please see the current agenda on the web at:

For more information on the conference venue and registration, please refer to:

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