Coreco Technology Chosen For SARS Screening

Montreal, Quebec, May 8, 2003. Coreco Imaging's joint effort with Cantronic Systems, Inc. (Vancouver, BC), has resulted in the deployment of thermal imaging systems in the fight against SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). The Fever Scan M3000 is an imaging system designed for screening public areas for individuals with elevated body temperatures. Individuals who register higher than normal body temperatures may be exhibiting the first symptoms of SARS and can be identified for medical attention. A number of systems have been sold worldwide.

"Coreco Imaging's vision technology is a key aspect of our system, offering exceptional speed and versatility," said James Zahn, President and CEO, Cantronic Systems. "The development support provided by the company has been unparalleled and is a key factor in bringing our system to market quickly."
Alternative detection methods currently available are costly, intrusive, inconvenient and do not allow for large numbers of people to be screened.

The Fever Scan M3000 is a dynamic, real-time thermal imaging system that is capable of rapidly screening hundreds of people per minute to minimize the disruption of pedestrian flow. These systems provide long-range detection capabilities (as far as 1600 meters) and are in operation worldwide. The Fever Scan M3000 is ideal for mass screening of fever-like symptoms in high-traffic public facilities such as airports, railway, subway stations or seaports.

Cantronic Systems Inc. ( has become one of the largest suppliers of thermal imaging systems to countries worldwide. The company specializes in the development of passive and active infrared cameras, infrared illuminators, low light infrared sensitive CCD cameras and long-range night vision surveillance systems to a variety of markets.

Coreco Imaging ( is a designer and developer of vision products used by OEMs in the industrial vision, medical imaging, multimedia and surveillance markets. The Company employs approximately 135 people and has operations in Montreal (QC), Vancouver (BC) and Boston (MA), with additional sales offices in Cleveland (OH) and San Juan Capistrano (CA).

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