Corning IntelliSense Debuts

IntelliSense Corp. (a subsidiary of Corning Inc.) will conduct business under the name Corning IntelliSense. Although the company name will change, its strategy - to provide MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) software design tools as well as development and manufacturing services - will stay the same. "The name change reflects our commitment to a set of values and resources we share with Corning," remarked David Hill, President, Corning IntelliSense. "Corning is a proven technology pioneer, is committed to discovery, and seeks product opportunities in emerging technology. Since the acquisition, we have gained complementary talent, equipment, and processing, allowing us to solidify our leadership in the MEMS space. Corning has gained access to world-class technical leadership in MEMS."

John Loose, President and CEO, Corning Inc., remarked, "MEMS is a breakthrough advanced material technology that is making its presence felt in diverse fields. From proteomics to the optical layer, the MEMS technology platform has the potential to bring life-changing innovations to the world. Corning IntelliSense is leading the way, integrating scientific discovery with market need. We're proud to have Corning IntelliSense in our family, since the company exemplifies Corning's commitment to innovation."

Established in 1851, Corning Inc. creates leading-edge technologies for the fastest-growing markets of the world's economy. Corning manufactures optical fiber, cable and photonic products for the telecommunications industry; and high-performance displays and components for television, information technology and other communications-related industries. The company also uses advanced materials to manufacture products for scientific, semiconductor and environmental markets.

For more than a decade, Corning IntelliSense Corp., a subsidiary of Corning Inc. has been the only supplier of Design, Development, and Volume Manufacturing services as well as CAD for MEMS software. Corning IntelliSense develops and manufactures advanced MEMS devices for many sectors, including the optical, RF, laboratory equipment, and life sciences industries. Corning IntelliSense leverages its expertise by selling the market-leading device-level MEMS software, IntelliSuite. Corning IntelliSense provides Total MEMS Solutions to customers today in seventeen countries on three continents. Corning IntelliSense's headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Wilmington, MA.

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